Monday, October 31, 2011

Got Another Pierce

There are lots of happenings for the past few weeks that I haven’t shared yet in any of my blog. Today I feel like sharing it to my readers.

For many years I’ve wanted to pierce my left ear but because I am afraid of the needle I always end up delaying and backing up in the last minute when I am to get the pierce. Last Sunday while I and my cousin were roaming around the downtown I ask my cousin if he wants to have another ear piercing. Luckily he answered without hesitation so we directly find the stall that sells earing and offer free piercing. My cousin was the first to have the ear piercing. I salute him for he wasn’t afraid of the needle unlike me.

Me in yellow shirt too bad my cousin didn't capture how I look..

Come my turn, I need to ask the lady to give me few minutes to condition myself. I was really afraid and nervous at the same time. I even asked the lady if it okay to shout since we were near the entrance of one of the department store in town. To make the story short I successfully got another pierce after 10 minutes of preparing myself..hehehehe..I was so proud of myself after.

Success, I finally got my third pierce and definately the last pierce I'll have. The first choice were to use my birth stone but because it was not available I ask the sales attendant if the pearl is available and again it was not. My last option were to use the birth stone of my cousin who celebrated his birthday last October 10, so that is the reason behind the opal birthstone earing.

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