Saturday, October 22, 2011

Physician's Social Networking

Who would not want to enjoy the advancement of technology these days? Of course we all want to experience and enjoy it. I know some of us are even astonish how it could help us in a daily basis. Amazing as it is, but we should not take it for granted that the current technology that we are seizing doesn’t always offer advantages for it also has some glitches or even used by thefts to get personal information. We should always be caution specially when joining social networking.

Talking about social networking, have you heard of It’s a private social networking for physicians in the United States. Being a member of such network permits the members to reconnect to their long lost friends, exchange notes and information about their respective jobs. One would undergo a three steps credential check when joining which only means that all members are not just playing around. So no wonder John Mensah MD joined this social networking.

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