Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fixed, Finally..

I have posted in my other blog how frustrated I am when I found out this morning that my other site was hacked and I immediately blog that my other site is hacked. I am glad that I have a very efficient web host that attended the matter few minutes after I sent her a message. Should I hire a non-efficient web host like before I am sure I am left without a choice or worse I end up neglecting that blog like what happened before when my previous host seems not to bothered my complain when my site is always down. I am so thankful to the owner Mom’s Hosting for being so helpful and understanding my short comings.

I admit I only know a little about wordpress that is why it's too hard in part to follow then instruction of Mommy Ruby, lol. Good thing she has a lot of patience. With this, I figured I really need to improve my knowledge in wp more so that I am planning to get another own hosted blog next year.

On the other note, since I was busy fixing the problem in my other site I failed to adgitize this morning. So here I am cramming and keeping my fingers cross that I will manage to drop one hundred blog today to earn a hundred points.

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