Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Recent Purchased

I am really a certified compulsive shopper. The other day, I was with my friend Iris. I don’t have any plan of buying something for myself as I am in a tight budget. But as we roam around the nearest mall I saw some discounted clothes so without any ado I immediately grab two items without thinking of my budget.

Before I left the house and met my friend I also closed a deal with a friend online who is selling some stuff, while browsing her photos I saw a yellow bag and I could not stop myself from reserving it as it is my favorite color aside of course that I like the style. While I was with my friend we were exchanging sms. Good thing Marie sent the items although I haven’t paid her yet as I was not at home during that time. But I promise her that I will send the payment as soon as I go home.

But anyways, here is the photos of the bag I purchased online. What do you think guys?

This is for me, I am a certified yellow lover..
For my nanay...

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Jhari said...

Love the bag for your Nanay sis.