Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tomorrow Is A Holiday

The little tot is busy for tomorrow. The reason- it’s Bonifacio Day here in my other part of the world tomorrow and it’s a regular holiday meaning he don’t need to wake up early to prepare in going to school and he will have ample of time playing with his uncle and aunt who lives in the neighbourhood.

On the other hand, I am scanning my photo folders searching for photos that I can share in the color weekly meme are that I want to join. I am planning to join this blog this week and hopefully I can do it. Joining weekly meme can surely help boost the blog traffic; it’s not just for the sake of updating, right guys? I know those blogger who are seriously visiting other share will agree on me.

One more thing, I got another task to do from a direct advertiser. I also got the payment for the task I finish yesterday. Wow, this is the reason why I like working with direct advertiser as the payment is quick.. I hope to get another batch of tasks from direct advertisers as I am saving something for next month.

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