Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Of December Thoughts

Okay, so Christmas time is really fast approaching, it’s unstoppable. It’s the first day of the joyous month of the year. And I could not let this day pass without blogging about it, lol. The little tot started his countdown few days ago. He is grown up now, so he can already understand a little about Christmas. The other night he was asking me about Christmas, aside from Jesus birth. I told him that Christmas is about gift giving, forgiving and sharing. Oh well, Christmas time is for children and children alike, too, and definitely the most favourite time of the year for almost everybody.

Anyway it has been a day full of blogging chaos for me. Last night I published my first blog post for Pinay Single Mom’s Nook. All went well until I decided to upload a free WP theme. After activated the theme I could not see my blog, what I see is an error message. I tried refreshing the page hoping I could log in anew, but to my horror I cannot even open the login page, all I can see is the same error message. I felt frustrated because I cannot do anything. My knowledge in Wordpress is only basic.

On the lighter note, the site is running now. A big thank to Mommy Ruby for helping me always. I still have a little problem to solve, the Parse Error In the Footer... when I open a certain post.

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