Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pink Stuff For My Niece

I should be sleeping now since I will be waking up very early tomorrow for the Nine morning mass. In fact I only have few hours left. My phone alarm is set to alarm at two thirty in the morning. But I could not let this day pass without posting my share for Pink Fridays. So here is it.

Yay, for some reason I could not upload the photos now. I shall try again tomorrow morning when I arrived from the church...Goodnight for now..


The blogger won't allow me to uplad photo still so I just use my Photobucket account so I can upload my pictures. Anyways, above is the stuff I bought for my niece. A Barbie shoe, Robby Rabbit dress and since she is a Dora lover I decided to bought her a Dora headband.


A closer look of the Dora Headband. Isn't is cute?


Another photo of the Barbie shoe.

Photobucket Finally, my niece modeling her new stuff during thier Christmas Party few days ago. How about you? What do have for Pink Fridays?

9 shared thoughts:

Jessica said...

what a pretty girl with her new outfits, loved it :-) Dropping some love for PF, hope that you can return the favor too.

Ria said...

those are cute!

Katya kate said...

beautiful set of clothes! So pink and bright! Your niece is so lucky to have a great aunt like you!

Leah H. said...

I love the shoes very much! She looks so cute in her pink outfit:)

Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..

Icar said...

I miss attending Christmas parties at school-remembering when I was in grade school, when everything was new head to foot...things really change as you grow old...

dropping for PF

teJan said...

wow..everything is so the shoes more though;) how lucky the niece;) thanks mommy for dropping by my PF..see u next week!

One Proud Momma said...

I bet these made her smile :)

Visiting from PF -

Keanna said...

She is so lovely in those Pink stuff. Late visit from PF,

Grace Z. Abonillo said...

Awww.. Such a sweet Aunt! Reminds me of my doting brothers.. :)

Lucky niece to have a generous and loving aunt like you..

Late visit from PF.. :)