Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can't Get Enough Knowledge

I was chatting to my boyfriend a while ago and after few minutes I got a call from him. It’s really nice of him to call me without asking him to do it. I know I am not a perfect girlfriend nor he is a perfect boyfriend, we have our own flaws but because we love each other we know nothing is impossible.

Anyways, like what I’ve said in my previous post it’s been raining way too much for the past couple of weeks. With this it’s always nice staying under my blanket and sleep. It seems that I could not get enough of sleep because I am starting be drowsy again. Well, I am going to off to bed right after I am done reading about the pay per click marketing that I read in one of the site I found today. I have been blogging for few years now but I admit I still need to learn a lot to have a good online earning.

Mr Sunshine..

...please allow us to see your smile again. We have been missing you so much lately. It's been raining way too much for many days that seeing you smile one day would be great. Sludge and rain water are all over that I am lazy to go out because I don’t want my feet to get dirty and wet.

So please Mr. Sunshine allow us to watch you smiling again.