Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Wonder Of Internet Technology

Most of the time, I could not believe that the internet technology give marvels to our simple and dull life. Isn’t it amazing talking to our love ones and seeing them on cam whenever we want to see and talk to them? Olden times, the only way to communicate them is through snail mail and it could take a week or so before our love one can read it.

Another point, others use internet technology to market their business while some businessmen put up their business online. I knew some online friends who is running an online store business and all of them has build a business website wherein they can market their products.

On the lighter note, I am glad that internet technology is invented because I meet my boyfriend in one of dating site which in fact an online business because the owner of the website earn whenever a member wants to be a premium member like my boyfriend. He paid some amount to be able to contact me and other members.