Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not Lucky

Oh boy! I am not yet lucky to grab those gray opps in my IPL dashboard that I am talking about this morning. As soon as I open my net book I immediately login to my account wishing I could grab those opps that offer a good payout. I don’t want to be making a post for 150 words for $.50. I know I deserve a higher payout, a 1.50 payout opps would do, lol.

Avilable Opps

Ohh boy, I have lots of available opps in my IPL dashboard but the higher payouts are already taken. Too bad I could not wait them to turn white or green as I am going soon to take a nap. If only I am not sick I going to refresh my dashboard until I grab one or two opps. For now, I will settle of what I have, I manage to grab for opps in another paying site and sheriff also gave me few tasks to do. God is Good, as I still have tasks to do although I could blog the way I use to be, at least while I am on the road to recovery of my illness.

Cash Advance

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