Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting Better, I Hope

Woott.. I am finally done with my back log task from last week. I haven’t been blogging much last week because of my illness. I am not yet fully recover but I guess blogging is not a weighty task to do as long I am doing it on day time.

Anyways, online opportunity is kinda of slow for the past few weeks and I am really hoping that I will get some tasks to do over the weekend.

So, how was your Hearts Day go? As for me, nothing exciting happened to me instead I was in the mood few hours before the end of the day. What a h**l so celebrate Hearts Day.

Deals On Lappy

Few months ago, my desktop finally crushed. I would like to bring it to repair shop if my finances allow me to do so. The desktop was bought my boyfriend three years ago so it has a sentimental value for me as it one of the gifts I received from the boyfriend. Because of the crushed desktop the boyfriend decided to buy a netbook so that I won’t be going to internet cafĂ© to chat him. If I was not worrying of the shipping cost I would like to check deals on laptops online as I knew I could find affordable yet good quality laptops.

Oh well, I already have a netbook so I will settle for it. Maybe next time I need a new lappy I will buy it online.