Monday, February 28, 2011

School Equipment

A relative is running a private school. As of now, the school is located on the first floor of the building where they live. But they are starting to build a new school building near the current location. I think they are planning to move to the new location few years from now. If this happen this will surely need new school equipment since the one they are using now is kind of old and I saw some broken parts.
Surely the kids will enjoy using the new school equipment. I wonder if the little one could still use them.

Birthday Celebration

In few days, my ever dearest mother will celebrate her 56th birthday. How I wish my paypal money is sufficient to host a small celebration to surprise her. I know she deserve it as she has been a good mother to us, she is the one who provided all our needs since my father left us. On the other, I know that party is not really important as long as my mother is in great shape then I could not ask for me. I just wish she will live long so she could enjoy playing with her grandkids. Oh well, it is not only my mother who will turn one year older early next month because yours truly will turn 32, few days after my mother’s birthday, yay.. I am getting old.. Indeed a double birthday celebration is really great but, then we all know that hosting a party needs some money. Apparently I’ve been spending too much for the past couple of weeks, so I don’t have saving..