Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tomapax Bad Side Effect

Does Tomapax ring a bell? Oh well if you don’t what it is then let me give you brief information about it. Tomapax is a medicine given to those who are suffering from epileptic seizures both to children and adult. It is also prescribed to avoid migraine headache. However, if you were pregnant when taking this medicine it has bad side effect to the baby inside your womb. In some cases is can result cleft lip or cleft palate and an open groove that extends from the roof of the mouth to the nose in extreme cases. So if you think you are a victim of Tomapax you can file Topamax lawsuit so you will get the right compensation you deserve.

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Fiesta Invite

I was at the fiesta yesterday. My high school best friend looked for me for she knows I am at my Tito’s place. We had a little chitchat about our other friend who is working in another country. It’s been a while since the last time I visited this friend so we need a lot of time to update each other. After our short chitchat I was invited to their fiesta which is on the 15th day of this month. If I go there it will be the 3rd fiesta I am going to attend. I hope I’ll have time on that day so I and friend will continue our chitchatting.