Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Date With My Son

I am finally back fellow bloggers! As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I and my son will watch X-men: First Class. Before we headed to Movie world we had a sumptuous lunch at Shakey’s. I was glad that the little one immediately agreed that we are going to have our lunch at for a change since we always have our lunch at Jolibee whenever I tag him along to the mall.

When we were inside the Movie World the little one didn’t enjoy the movie because of the sound effect. You see, my son is afraid of big voices and sounds. I am pleased that he still enjoys watching the movie although he is not really comfortable.

Upright Beauty School

Indeed life is an uncertain journey that each one of us should take, that is why preparing for unwanted changes is a most. Like for example if you lost your current job then you should have a backup plan that will help you survive while you are searching for another job.

These days ladies and gentlemen wants to look beautiful and handsome. So going to salon has become a part of our lives which is opening a lot of opportunities to those who has talent in cosmetology. So if you are searching for a reputable and upright beauty school you should check out Crystal Lake beauty school. Student from this beauty school are well trained and fully equipped with the newest and latest trend in fashion. If you are currently working and want to become a professional beautician, fret no more for offer part time and full time classes.

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Good Morning Blogger

Hello fellow blogger! How your sleep? I hope you all have a great sleep I did although I only slept for few hours since I slept late last night. Oh well, that is what I get for having lots of online tasks to do. I hope I will have enough energy and power to finish some of them as they are going to expire early tomorrow. Yay, how I wish I am good of making a review so I won’t have problem whenever I have lots of tasks to do.

Anyways, its Saturday today, do you have any plan to bring your family outside?

Earn Online Through Your Blog

At first I really thought that earning dollar without going anywhere is not possible but I was wrong because I am now earning dollar. Although my earning is not always good I can say that my earning has helped me a lot in beautifying home our simple home and buying some stuff that I like and want.

Just recently, I have been receiving emails from some adviser asking how much I charge for back links. In fact I have added few links in my blogs for the past couple of weeks and the price is pretty good. So you see sometimes earning online I very easy. All you need to have is the motivation that you can do what others can do. Happy weekend and happy blogging.