Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Done Dropping

I am finally done digitizing, I consumed almost an hour doing it. Yay, adgitizing can be time consuming but it’s okay for I know in due time I will get something for it. Yesterday I didn’t reach the 200 points because I don’t have article points. Hopefully, I can reach the 200 points today for I am aiming to earn $2.50 this month. For few months I missed adgitizing so I don’t have any earning for 2 months, so now I will do my best to reach this goal. I know it’s just a small amount of money but better than nothing.

Home Beautifying With Home Lighting Fixtures

I always passed by this newly build houses not far away from place. I really find the house architectural design glorious from what I saw outside. In fact my son who is 6 years old also find this house beautiful he never missed praising the house whenever we passed by it. There are times that I wonder how it looks like inside, I am pretty sure that the interior design is as splendid like the external design.

I even noticed that they have placed plenty of lighting fixtures in front of the house and in the garden. I never thought that as simple as placing lighting fixtures make a big difference in the total beauty of our home, for you can make a cool, inviting and cozy look depending on what kind of lights you choose to place in any part of your home. There is no doubt that you can find plenty of fluorescent lighting fixtures that you can choose from. In fact, I happen to came across this website that offer discount lighting fixtures and also offered free shipping in orders over $250. Great offer, right?

So what are you waiting for? Start changing the look of your house today by placing cozy yet elegant home lighting fixtures that match your needs and budget.