Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Printing Online Service

I don't know if you have experience writing for few hours a day or typing many pages using a typewriter. I did, back in high school. I don't know if any of my classmates and batch mates has computer that time because whenever we have school project to submit it's either the project was written beautifully or type written, with this, I imagine no one in our batch has computer at home. Printers that time were not commonly used unlike these days.

But anyway, if you are running your own business that has lot of printing to do then I would recommend you to check out It offers Online Printing such as Plastic Card Printing and Presentation Folders printing. While browsing this shop few days ago, I figured out that their printed products are well done. So why keep on buying expensive inks for your printers when you can have your printing done online with a minimal cost.

The shop is also offering custom labels, custom printing, commercial printing and a lot more. I wonder if they also offer invitation printing, the little one is turning 7 early next year and I am planning to host a big party celebration. Oh well, I still have few months to go before the big day so I still have ample of time to check it out.

Pending Tasks

I still have some undone pending tasks waiting for my attention. Good thing I manage to take a short nap today. I am hoping that I could finish few tasks before I dose off to bed. I really cannot afford to slip them off from my hands just like what happened last week when I failed to finish few of my tasks before the due.