Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Want A Camera

One thing that I want to have this year is a camera. I already have bad experience with camera few months ago and yet I still want to have my own camera. I don’t know when I will have enough money to buy the camera I want. But this morning while I was at the mall I dropped by at the store that sells samsung cameras. I find two cameras that I like, it is kinda pricey but I am sure the camera is worth buying.

Yay, I wish online blessings will continue to pour so I buy the camera of my own.

Watching My Son Food Intake

The little one loves to eat and he is a lot bigger compared to other kids at his age in our place. I worried that if I let him eat as many as he want he will continue to gain weight. Yay, I don’t want him to be fat like my cousin Ibon. So I see to it the little one don’t eat too much.

As for my cousin, if ever he choice to start taking weightloss pills in the future I sure help him find weight lose pill that actually work and safe to use. Good thing I stumbled upon this site called I already know where to go if ever Ibon ask me to assist him to find effective pills.

Blessed Weekend

Woot!! I am smiling from ear to ear this time because I have some online job to do over the weekend. I am not yet done with my online backlog from the other site and few hours ago my eyes widen after seeing some tasks from Sheriff. In deed I am blessed and I don’t have time minding those people who keep on spreading badmouthing about me. I guess that is their rule here in Earth stepping someone life.

Anyways, I am going to the city soon to run some important errands but before I post this allow me to share this.

“To be honorable you should earn respect from others”

Test For Mold

Few years ago I had my very first asthma attack few days after the workers finish working with the flooring and walls in our home. After visiting a doctor I found out that it's the dusts that trigger my first asthma attack. Since then I make it sure to avoid dusting at home and I also avoid doing other stuff that can cause an asthma attack. I hate it when I have asthma because it prevents me of doing the stuff I love most.

Indeed our health is really important that we should not take it for granted. Let's admit it there are times that we are trapped with our daily works such as baby sitting our kids and office works that we sometime fail to scan whether our home are still safe from molds that can trigger serious disease. There is no harm to be meticulous especially if it concerns our health. So before its too late, we should use Mold detector in our home to avoid serious health problem in the future.

Good thing there are available Mold test kits online that we can head on just in case we want our home to be molds-free. So if you want Test for mold done in your respective homes I would advise you to check out

Gun Auction Sites

Often times I wonder what it would be if fire arms was not invented and the only weapon used during battles are sword and physical force. These days you must use the high-quality and superior firearms to win a battle. Just like what I saw in the movies.

Occasionally I'd love to watch action movies especially if it's my favorite actors and actress are on the screen. I could not explain the adrenalin I am feeling whenever the lead star conquer the enemies. I guess it's the same adrenalin rush why men love to watch action movies aside from seeing those high caliber guns and vintage rifles being used in the movies.

But not all men are into action movies for there are men out there who are into collecting guns. Instead of watching movies they are bidding in gun auction sites such as This website specializes in military auctions, gun auctions and military surplus auctions. In fact the site is not just an auction site because they also sell jewelry, coins, real estate and appraisal services.

So whether you are interested in selling antique riffle or you looking for a top quality auction and reality services online Affiliated Auctions is the perfect place to visit. All you have to do is visit