Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is He Wearing Cheap Hair Extensions?

Two weeks ago I got a call from my cousin who is currently working in another place. He is my constant companion before he left to work in a beauty salon. I kinda miss him after I talked to him on the phone so I decided to visit his facebook account and checked his photo album. Good thing I did it, because he uploaded new photos. I was surprised of his new looks now because he changed a lot after few months of working in a beauty salon.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, my cousin belongs to the third sex, he is a gay. Anyways, while looking at her photos I noticed that his hair grow fast. I could not believe it, I guess he found cheap hair extensions that is why he have long hair now. Well, I will not be surprised because it's one of his dreams to have a long hair. And since he is earning now and there are lots of trusted beauty supply outlet near his work location I am quite sure he can buy anything and everything he wants.

I will not be surprised also if my cousin Raymond will try wearing an Indian remy hair when he comes for a visit coming August.