Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sharing His Love Through Fart?

Beware! The following post is another non-sense post that am gonna share in this blog. I don't have any exciting story to share right now but here I am blogging as I want to finish the latest tasks that was reserve for me.

Anyways, the little one is here beside me. Guess what he is doing? He is farting.He really loves it when I am starting to complain about his stinking fart as he is start laughing. I guess it’s his way of showing he loves me as he wants to share the stinking smell of his fart to me, lol.

Oh well, what matter is that we always have a great time whenever he would start farting as I tease him in return.

On Gift Wrap...

I know it is too early to talk about holiday season but I could not stop myself to talk about it. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. Not that I get to have a lot of gifts from my family but because I am excited shopping stuffs for my family. Yes, I and the boyfriend are my families exclusive Santa Claus. We usually buy new clothes for my nephews and nieces. Aside from new clothes we also asked the kids what they want to received from Santa on Christmas day and we will secretly buy it and surprise them on the 25th of December.

My only problem when gift wrapping is the boxes I am gonna use because I don't know how to make it myself that is is why I always end up buying boxes which is not practical for my Mom. So every Christmas my Mom will advise me to use the gift bag instead of gift wrap but I won't follow her advice because I want my gifts to have a personal touch. Wrapping it myself is my way of letting them know that that they matter to me. Another reason why I want to wrap the gifts is that I am fund of buying wrapping paper.

Recently, I stumbled upon an online packaging store supply that offer stylish gift wraps and gift bags for any occasions.