Saturday, August 6, 2011

On Small Service Cart & Room Improvement

My younger sister was here for two days together with my cousin. As I've mentioned in my previous post I have dust allergy so I could not do the cleaning myself. Good thing my sister is always there whenever I need her help. She told me I should get a bigger cabinet for my stuff so it won't be scattered around my room, she is indeed right for I've been thinking of getting another cabinet where I can keep all my things in one place. I am not yet decided whether to buy a readymade cabinet or hire someone to build it for me.

A service cart is a good choice because I can move it easily. I don't need to ask someone's help in case I want to redecorate my room or when I am cleaning. I know a perfect place where I can buy good quality of small parts storage and other metal cabinets whether it's for personal use of industrial used. If you're wondering why I am considering on buying this kind of cabinet , it is because I am looking for durability. I don't want to invest into something that will easily break. Hello, I am not that rich to spend my money for nothing.

How about you? Are you willing to spend some amount of your hard earned money and lost if for few months? I am sure you would not like it.

Slacker Blogger

Oh boy, I missed updating this site (again) for few days. I really could not keep my promise not to neglect any of my blogs. There are times that I can only update this blog or any of my blog if I have tasks to do. Now, I am blaming the advertiser (lol) when it is me who is to be blame. Really, keeping a multiple blog is not easy and yet I still want to open another blog, a self hosted blog to be precise. Self hosted blogs are popping like mushrooms these days. No wonder because it has more chance of earning good compare to free hosted blogs.