Thursday, August 18, 2011

Actos Lawsuit

How would you react when a medicine that tend to help you feel better actually worsen your illness? Would you seek legal advice? Well if you believe that you’ve been a victim then there is no reason why you should not fight for your right.

Just recently it was found out that Actos, an oral medicine given to diabetic patient can be a reason of heart attack, heart failure and increased risk of bladder cancer. So if you or you know someone who is taking this medicine perhaps you can tell them to under a series of test to find out if they need to file for an Actos lawsuit.

Blogging Instead Of Sleeping

I should be in my bed right now but I remember I still have one undone tasks that will expire early morning tomorrow. Since I get up very early this morning I don’t think I can do it again tomorrow so here I am blogging instead of sleeping. Anyways, this won’t take long as I only need to finish one task.

Party Goer

The little one has been attending birthday celebration this month. Just this month, he has attended two birthday parties and another two parties early next month. At an early age he is starting to be sociable. I am glad that at a young age he is starting to celebrate life in his own little ways and that is attending parties..hehehehe…

On the other hand, I am glad that I manage to finish some of my undone tasks before they vanish in my dashboard earlier today. However, I still lost eight tasks. I hope I will have them back in my dashboard again, soon.

We Enjoyed Eating Pop corn

I should be preparing this time. I need to go downtown to run few important errands. But because I still have some undone tasks to work on I am still here sitting infront of my notebook. I am hoping to finish few of them before they fade away in my dashboard?. This what I get for neglecting them for the past few days, oh well, at least I have valid reason this time- I've been busy preparing for the fiesta lol.

Talking about our town fiesta, I haven't visited the town plaza for few days now. The last time I was there was last Saturday with my sister family and the little one to watch the fireworks display. But because the clouds starting to show up we decided to go home before the fireworks display begins. At least the kids and the kid-ish :-) enjoyed eating popcorn. There are actually lots of popcorn machine around the town plaza but because there are lots of people waiting for the invited celebrities and fireworks display to start we decided to buy the pop corn in the popcorn stand near where we are standing. I don't know yet if the popcorn stands and other install are still around the town plaza since it's been few days after the fiesta.

Ask Professional Help

Of course when we are sick the first thing that cross in our mind is to see a doctor. Medicines, also pop in our mind but this is only appropriate if you are not really sick. For me, seeing a doctor should always come first before taking medicines for security reasons. But what would you do if after taking the medicine that is prescribes by your doctor tend to worsen your illness? Would you hire and seek professional help from any of the Austin personal injury attorney? Oh well, if I am to ask, I will surely seek their help. So if you think you are a victim of any accident it’s never too late to ask help.

You can check this out, O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.

Wild Heart

Your Heart is Wild
You tend to fall in and out of love quite often. Love tends to be a capricious thing for you. You are passionate and romantic. When you meet the right person, you just know. You enjoy excitement, change, and even chaos. No one would ever accuse you of being boring. You may be a heartbreaker, but you couldn't imagine living any other way. You always listen to your heart.

Good Morning

Good morning folks! You may wonder why I am already wide awake this time. It’s just few minutes passed five o’clock in the morning here is my other part of the world yet I am already here sitting in front of my notebook. The reason is that I have few tasks that are due this morning, in fact they are due in two hours. I always tell myself to finish my tasks as soon as I get them so I won’t be cramming like this. I only hope I can finish them before I lost them, keeping my fingers cross.

On Auditions & Casting Calls

In times of crisis we often think of getting another job just to cover our mounting expenses. But unfortunately, finding sideline job or even a regular job is difficult these days. With the economic conditions that continue to fall searching for a job has become a challenge to everyone. If you got the looks, talent and acting ability that can compare to your favorite actress or actor then you can try your luck in going to some auditions. As we all know, going to auditions is one of the stepping stone to be a movie star, singer, model or any hosting jobs.

Joining reality shows is another means of entering the showbiz industry. That is why millions of people are crazy over casting call and free casting call whenever they heard of auditions going on. Some are lucky to be chosen but others are not. Oh well, failure is always associated with success so we should not stop dreaming although we failed most of the time. If you're not lucky this time then perhaps you should look for another means on how you can start following your dream. One can start it by having a profile page at You will have better chances of getting a project since your profile can be viewed by plenty of possible clients.