Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busy Weekend

How is your weekend so far? As for me, I am kinda busy working on my online backlog since I was not able to blog for two days. I have some idle tasks in my LL dashboard before I lost my internet connection but because I am good in procrastinating I almost lost then again. Good thing, I was in the mood to blog this morning and seeing $$$ in my dashboard made my day. I do hope I will start receiving the payment this month since it’s more than three months from my last payment from them.

Oh, so much my blabbing I shall publish this post now. I might run out of words to day on my next post.

A EuropeTours

As I have mentioned in my previous post that I am currently enjoying the extended weekend. As you all know I am a stay at home mom and a blogger who do her utmost o finish everything on time but sad to say there are times that I could not do it and I regret for procrastinating a lot when I should be working online. If money is not a problem I will surely take a short break away from home with the little one. An out of town trip is enough since I could not afford to pay for a europe tours or any of the alaska tours that offered.

For those who have money to spend for a lavish vacation then perhaps you should pick ireland tours. There are lots of things to do while you are in Ireland, for nature lover you can enjoy cruising along their magnificent lakes surrounded by forest or hike in one of their beautiful mountains. Ireland foods and drinks are also worth trying and of course shopping at one of the high end boutiques.

So what are you waiting for, plan your next travel destination now. You know the secret of a hassle free and memorable vacation is planning your trip ahead of time. You can also save some bucks when you book your flight early. You can also visit travel website online for travel destinations, tips and ideas.

As for me, I shall settle on going to downtown and treat the little one. I am not rich yet to pay for an outside of the country or out of town vacation with my family. I just wish that someday my dream of treating my family to a summer getaway will come into a reality. If this happens, I will be the happiest daughter, sister, aunt and mom in the whole world.

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