Friday, September 23, 2011

Golf Lesson Online

Have you tried hitting a golf ball? I did before and it’s a funny experience for me because I didn’t hit the ball after many times of trying. Oh well, the problem is I also don’t know how to swing my body properly when hitting the ball so I guess that is one of the reason why I could not smack the ball.

Anyways, if you have passion in golf but you don’t know who can teach you then perhaps you might want to start it by watching golf swing video online. You can also visit It offer free golf lessons for beginners.

The Outdated Is Finally Updated

Oh boy! It seems that I am procrastinating again. It’s been ages since my last post for this blog which mean Celebrate Life has been outdated. My bad, I allow my laziness to triumph in the battle every day, whether to blog or not to blog. The boyfriend told to sleep immediately as soon as we stopped talking but here I am updating this poor bloggie.

I am sure I will not have enough time to update any of my blog next week for I will be uber busy assisting the little one. Early next week is their Math and Science month, like last year they will have an exhibit of different kinds of animals. And as part of the Math and Science month celebration they will also have an educational tour. The little one is excited about the trip but he is more excited sleeping in the camping site. The kids will be given a one day rest and then come the scouting month on September 30 to October 1. See how busy our schedule is? So please bear with me guys if I will not be visible next week.