Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Once Upon A Busy Weekend...

Beware photo loaded... As you all know last week was a busy week for the little one and so for the Mama trying to make sure everything is well. In deed last week was one hell of a busy week for the little one but an enjoyable week for him I may say.

I will be sharing some photos below taken from the activities that the little one attended…

Yay, for some reason I could not upload photos as of this moment. I will try uploading the photos later…. Finally here are the photos I've promised this morning..The Grade-I pupils trying to carry the Albino Burmese Python.
Taken during the Math and Science exhibit with Lolong Jr. At Butterfly Garden with Ate Syrah Striking a pose with his classmate at Rafael's Farm, the last place to visit. Us, taken at the Butterfly Garden. Playing the pool fountain at San Juanico Golf Course right after eating his lunch. The camping experience won't be complete without setting up the tent.

A pose right after the Investiture ceremony, he is finally a certified boy scout