Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yay, it few minutes passed nine o’clock in the morning yet I am already sleepy. No wonder because I slept late last night and I woke up early this morning as I need to finish something for the little one. So as much as I want to stay long online and watch the movie I’ve downloaded the other day I could not simply do it as I need to rest my sleepy eyes.

Yesterday I missed joining the Mellow Yellow I found it out few minutes ago. I hope I can join next week. But now, I shall take a nap and finish my undone tasks later.

Monetary Gifts

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Cousin's Birthday

Darn! It’s a rainy morning here in my other part of the World. I wake up early today as I have to finish an important matter offline. Yesterday was my cousin’s birthday. He prepared some foods as usual I have fun chitchatting to his gay friends. It is really nice chatting with them as they are good in making jokes. As for my dear cousin, belated Happy Birthday may you have many more birthdays and blessings to come. Get well soon Cousin…