Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sad And Happy

We had power outage earlier I guess it because of the bad weather. It was raining hard with thunder and lightning. The reason- I had two undone task that expired. Dang, I should have finished it this morning but then I am busy running errands at home. When I get home from the little one’s school I forgot about it. Anyways, there is not use crying over the spilled milk as what the saying goes. I just hope I will learn my lesson. I should learn my priorities and that is earning online.

On the other note, I am happy of the little one’s report card. He is doing well in school and I am happy with his grades. Hopefully I can convince him to study harder.

Proud Of The Little Tot

As a mother we are always happy and proud of little tot’s achievements may it big or small. They make us happy although they are being naughty. I know mother’s out there will agree to I’ve said.

Some months ago I mentioned that at early age my little tot knows what he wants to be when he grows up. I do not know where he gets his idea of becoming an architect and build a yellow house for me. Yay, he really knows what is my favorite color. But anyways, I am praying that he achieve whatever he wants when he grow up. As a mother I will do my best to give and back his up in all his need.

He is consistent of answering me whenever I ask what he wants to be in the future. So if ever, I would not be surprised if he require to use SMT Stencils in one of his project.

Uber Sleepy...

Good morning guys! The plan of waking after two hours nap to blog didn’t materialize as I was very sleepy and I could not open my eyes even for a second. So here I am blogging my butt early in the morning because I have tasks that is due in few hours. I could not afford to lose my tasks at this point of time since holiday season is fast approaching. I am thankful enough that although my pagerank went down I still have works to do.

Yesterday I was with some gay friends for few hours. I didn’t regret going when my cousin and friend invited me to go for I know I will enjoy being with them. For them there is no dull moment. For those who have set of gay friends I know you will agree of what I’ve said.