Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Have Reasons To Celebrate...

Yay, thanks God times flies so fast. It seems that is was only yesterday when my boyfriend left for the US and before I knew he will be back to his country, Iceland. I not like it much when he is on travel for we can’t talk in a regular basis unlike when he is just at home we can talk three times a day. Yes, you read it guys we chat three times a day so no wonder I miss him terribly when he is on travel.

To make myself busy I am always blogging and facebooking. So for the past few weeks I’ve been working really hard to boost my blog traffic and I succeed. Just recently, I blog about Google Is Updating, Again! I never thought they will get rewarded as soon. In just a matter of two weeks I regain back the pagerank that I’ve lost in this blog. Oh well, I didn’t get its PR3 but I believe in due time I will regain it back. With this, I am inspired to have more time in blogging such as updating my sites and visiting other blogs.

I also blog about On E-check as the payment for a task I did from a direct advertisement. After more than a week of waiting the $75 is finally credited in my paypal account. Woot.. I really hope to get more tasks from a direct advertiser for additional shopping budget this coming holiday season.