Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Too Shall Pass

Duh! For some reasons I am feeling blue and down. I’ve been like this for quite sometimes now, it’s annoying. But I know just like before I will get over this. I am lucky enough compared to others and I do have more reasons to be happy. I am a Christmas girl so might as well concentrate preparing for the holiday season.

On the lighter note, I was scanning through my photo albums in my personal facebook account when I remember that I haven’t shared any photos during the scouting month celebration of the little tot. I know it’s uber late but I am still sharing it just like I promised, lol.. I promised the little tot before I left him that I am going to visit him early in the morning. FYI, it’s his first experience to sleep at the camp site since the pre-elementary is not allowed to sleep at the camp site. He is so excited to sleep and he kept on asking me to buy him a tent. Good thing my Aunt offered their tent when I told her about the camping. What I like about this tent it that is has a mosquito net outside. The tent may not be appealing outside but as you can see the inside is perfect. But anyway, when I arrived at the camp site around 5 am the little tot was sleeping still while the Ate's and his classmate are already awake. Oh yeah, he is the only thorn among the roses. hahaha..So I was not surprised when the teachers told me that it was only their tent that was silent because they are sounds asleep.

Finally, the Prince is awake and is laughing big time. He is telling me that one of the Ate's were talking while sleeping. No wonder, becuase they have a tiring day playing and preparing their own foods.

Pinoy Henyo is really a well known parlor game these days, even the campers enjoy playing the game. Longest line, see the boy holding his jogging pants? He is actually asking his teacher is he can take it off and he did without a second thought, unlike the little tot that he don't have the courage to take off his jogging pants although I asked him to do it...hahaha...

Indeed they are having fun..right guys?

It's bath time, after the longest line game. The little tot in white brief.. enjoying his bath with fellow pupil..

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