Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Party

Yay, I missed blogging. It’s been few days since my last blog post in this blog and also in my other blogs. I was busy running mommy rules for the past few couple of days. The little is finally enjoying his Christmas vacation. They had their Christmas party yesterday. Thanks God. Mr Sunshine showed up so kid had a blast. I noticed the kids were excited when the teacher asked them to form a circle, a go signal that the exchange gift will start.

The kids are very excited that they immediately opened the gifts they have from their Manita/Manita. As usual some of the kids received a toy, others got tumblers. One pupil got a pillow and towel. I wonder if any of the teachers got yogitoes towels. Oh well, I didn’t saw them opening their gifts. Anyways, If you are not yet done buying presents for your loved ones for simple reason that you don’t know what present to give. Perhaps you can give them a yogitoes towels. You can visit for ample of choices.