Monday, December 26, 2011

They Are Having A Good Time..

Duh! I’ve been staring on my netbook’s screen thinking of a good blog post but I can’t. My mind is wandering and I heard the little tot and his cousin having fun in the living room. It’s disturbing me. But I couldn’t ask them to stop making noise for I know they are having a great time. The little tot’s owns the louder laugh and voice. It’s a usual scene when my nieces who is living in another place is here so I just let the little tot enjoy every moment with his cousins.

On the other note, I missed taking photos of the little tot and his cousins before heading to the church yesterday because we were running out of time. When we arrived from the church I immediately go online to talk to my love that is already waiting for me to be online. Right after our chat I need to cook the spagitte at my Aunt’s house for a small family party she hosted so I truly forgot about the plan of taking photos of the kids.