Thursday, January 12, 2012

Continue Cleaning Links..

Finally, after few days I manage to continue updating my link lists. I am almost done with the update. I really hope I can finish it tomorrow. After I am done updating the link list in this blog I will also update my other blogs. For the past months I haven't been visiting all the links in my link list so I am surprised when i found out that there are some bloggers who are already inactive in the blogosphere and some domain are up for renewal.

So guys! If you've noticed that you are not in my link lists anymore please don’t hesitate to leave me a message and I will add you up again. The reason why you are not in my updated link list is because; maybe you are inactive when I visited your site or your domain is expired.


After few days I am finally done cleaning and updating my blog list. You can see the updated link list at the right sidebar. If you wish you be addedd just leave me a comment after adding my link.Happy blogging....

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mikexplorer said...

have a happy friday..