Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Partner In Everything

Yesterday I stumbled upon a blog post about the end of the Ruby Tuesday meme. I joined this color meme recently that is why I was saddened when I read about the blog post. I wished that someone will host the Ruby Tuesday the soonest. I know, there lot of blogger out there would love to host this meme. I was indeed right, because I recieved an invite to join the new Ruby Tuesday and this time it is hosted by Magical Mystical Teacher. So for my first Ruby Tuesday for this year I decided to share it in this blog. It is also the first RT share for this blog. Isn’t timely?

Anyways, for my first RT share this week I am sharing about my cousin. He is so dear to me not because he is doing a lot of stuff to me such as doing my hair and doing my nails. It’s because we can also go anywhere we want and do a lot of stuff together. I usually asked him to go with me whenever I go downtown. In short we are partners. He also loves to pamper the little tot. Unfortunately he is living soon to work in another place. I will surely miss him and surely the little tot will also miss him but I am also happy that he will be working again. I know it will take months or even a year before I'll see him again. I am sharing photos from our latest bonding in the mall.

Can you distinguish what we have in common? Indeed we are cousin, right? hehehe..
We just love this parole that we want to have a photo of it. I didn't noticed that I can use it for Ruby Tuesday.


It's my turn to pose...

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Seow wei said...

me too, when I see the ruby tuesday close, I thought that I loss this meme, but now I can continue join this meme again.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Lovely smiling photos! Clearly you and your cousin are great friends!

ICoR said...



Jerla Oh lalala said...

hi, i was here today :D

oh wow, i didn't even know that the Ruby Tuesday meme will be permanently closed. thnx for the info. Good thing somebody will take over to run this theme again...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Thanks so much for joining RT2! Happy New Year to you!


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