Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Yoyo

Yesterday, we attended the first birthday celebration of my nephew, my cousin’s son. As we all know, a lot of toys are at stake in kiddie party. The little one wanted to get the yoyo in one of the games but unfortunately he didn’t get it. At first he was very disappointed (kids eh) but after I explained to him he feel better and continue swimming in the pool.

Talking about yoyo, there are times that I wonder who invented this toy and its origin. I am just curious to know about it, because I know the person behind this toy earn a lot of money. I never thought that a simple toy like yoyo can be pricey. I found out that a dv888 type of yoyo cost almost $50. Oh well, it’s nicely design and I am pretty sure it’s made of good quality materials. If the little one will see this kind of yoyo at the mall he will surely ask me to buy one for him.

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