Saturday, March 31, 2012

Busy & Productive Week

I have been blogging for few hours now. I will take a break while waiting for the boyfriend to call me for chat. I hope I can finish few more tasks before I hit the bed. This week is indeed a busy week. But hey, I am not complaining because I am also productive this week. The thought of having the fruit of my labor this week into my paypal account in a month or so makes me smile from ear to ear. Why not? I can surely pay some bills or debt that I need to pay.

Oh, the boyfriend is already online so I shall stop blogging now.

On Luxury Furniture

I can't wait to have my own place. The reason is simply because I am excited shopping for all the things that we need from furniture to bedding, from kitchen ware to appliances and so much more. I know for the fact that we all want to have our own place, a place where in we can decorate it the way we want it. One of the important things that a house should have is furniture. The kind of furniture that we actually buy for our home plays a big rule in our homes overall look and atmosphere. That is why buying furniture is not an easy. You have to visit different furniture shop for you to find the best furniture you can get without having a hole in the pocket.

When buying furniture these days it can be less hassle as you can buy the furniture you want from the comfort of your home. When it comes to luxury furniture is the right place to head on. I really admire all the furniture's that I have seen from this online furniture shop. If I am to buy furniture now, there is no doubt that I will choice to buy the Henredon leather sofa. I just find it classy and very fine-looking. Oh well, the price is also fine looking but it is worth the price. I also know that furniture's from Savannah Collections are made of good quality. Apart from leather sofa I also like the Henredon bed. I can already tell that I will always have a good sleep if I have this kind of bed. So, now, you know where to go just in case you want to buy luxury furniture for your house. The site has wide selection of furniture but because it's a user friendly online store you can surely browse the website without any problem. Just make yourself ready to see quite a lot of fine looking furniture.

Affordable Home Accessories And Decor

There is no doubt that we all want to be home after a very hectic work schedule. But would you still like to go home and relax if your home is in a mess? Or would you rather to hang out somewhere that is refreshing before heading home? Oh well, whatever kind of home we have at the end of the day we will still be going home regardless of its appearance and presence. As for me, I really want to make our home a cosy and comfortable to live in. But I honestly have problem decorating our home, countless times. Often times I do have a lot of ideas of what I want for our home but when I am to start redecorating I could not figure out where to start and where to put the home accessories and decor that we have. I sometimes wish I have enough fund to hire someone to do the magic but then, I am not well off and so as my family so I shall settle for my not so good home decorating ideas :).

I have mentioned in many occasions that I've a lot of plans for our home. Apart from home improvement I also want to buy stylish and unique affordable home accessories and decor. Home décors need not to be expensive anyway as you can actually find affordable yet cool home decor for every part or room of our house at One can find wide selection of unique and interesting décor that would make your simple house cosy and elegant looking. What makes this online store different from other online store is that they have high quality telephone customer service for their customers to reach out just in case they have problem or inquiries. So whether you are searching for vintage-style towel racks, distinctive metal signs, handmade lotion and soap bottles, spoon rests and vases you can surely find it at The Textured Element.

Long Nap

The heat of the sun is scorching today that it’s giving me headache. I was supposed to attend my cousin’s graduation but because I don’t think I couldn’t take the pain anymore I decided to take a short nap but then I was too sleepy to get I stayed in the bed longer I expected. I guess it is because I was exhausted from my trip yesterday and on top I just slept four hours last because I need to catch up with my online work.

On the happy note, I am really happy that I this blog continue to receive blessing from one of my favorite pay to blog website. So I shall not take my work for granted for this is the only means I know to earn extra.

On Water Ionization

Indeed summer is already here. I can feel the summer hot. It is this time that drinking a lot of water is essential most especially if we are outside or if we are working under the scorching heat of the sun. By doing so, we can avoid the dehydration. Having been said the importance of water during summer time. We should always be reminded that not all the water available is safe to drink. With this, we should be careful on where to get the water we are using. If possible checking the quality and the cleanliness of the water that we drink and use in cooking should be check. Even the water that we are using when taking our shower it is also important that is it clean to avoid skin problem in the future.

Talking about clean water, have you heard or tried drinking ionized water? I honestly don't have any idea what water ionization really is. Oh well, I know purified and mineral water but I am not sure if they are just another name of water ionization. Good thing I happen to came across this site called Alkaline water Plus. Just by reading the website I found out difference between purified or mineral water to ionized water. The site says that Alkaline or ionized water is far better compared to the usual purified water. So no wonder this kind of water is known because of many good benefits. And, well, a good number of people are using this water for drinking and cooking or for whatever proposes it may serve them. So if you believe that the water you are currently drinking is not safe yet then perhaps consider getting an Enagic ionizer machine. is an excellent online source of high quality water ionizers. Below are some of the products you can get from the website.

Shall you need more information? You can visit the website now.

On Ashton Cigars And Other Kind Of High End Cigars

I have asthma and allergy. One of the things that could trigger my asthma and allergy is through gasping the smoke. With this smoking at home is a big NO. Most of my relatives smoke but they know they are not allowed to smoke while in our house. They can smoke outside anytime they want. Although we all know that smoking is dangerous to the health for it can damage our lungs and other vital organs there are still millions of people who cannot quit from smoking. I don’t understand why. But I somehow know that kicking the smoking habit is not easy for someone who is addicted to it. I once tried smoking and honestly I didn’t get any satisfaction or enjoyment while smoking.

For some other guys, they smoke because they want to boost their personality for it gives them manlier attitude when someone just saw them smoking. For other ladies they smoke because they want to feel like they are one of the socialite in town or they want to be acceptable to her circle of smoker friends. Other may smoke as to kill their time while they are in a night shift. There are actually lots of reason why someone is smoking. Whatever your reasons why you are smoking you should always remember that smoking too much could bring serious illness in the future.

Anyway, I don’t know if you guys have already tried Ashton Cigars. It is believe to be one of the high end brands in the market nowadays and is one of the finest cigars. If you guys could not kick off this bad habit then perhaps try Ashton Cigars or any high end cigar brand. They may have less bad side effect to the health. Another type of cigar that I haven’t heard until I came across an online store that specialized in different kind of cigar is Acid Cigars. Oh, before I forget, if you’re searching for a perfect gift for your father or father in law you can head on to this site. But only, if they are a smoker, if not cigar or cigar accessories is not the kind of gift they would to have.

On Pending Tasks Online

Today is a busy day for me. It’s Moving UP Ceremony for my little tot this morning.This afternoon I might be with my cousin who also happens to be my Godchild. I will be escorting him to his graduation because his mother needs to attend a very important matter that needs her presence today. I do hope I will have enough energy later considering the fact that I was exhausted from my trip yesterday.

On the other hand, I already got a reminder message for the pending task that I need to work on. I am not sure if I could finish them all later today. But one thing is for sure, I will not let this day pass without trying my best to finish everything that I need to finish. I don’t know if you still remember that I previously blog about aiming to be productive and I will continue to fight laziness and procrastination to make this happen.

Thermal Paper For My Friends Business

I do not remember mentioning here that a good friend of mine just opened her newly business which offer office and other school supplies. I really admire this friend because she can manage to budget her time. Imagine she is working in an eight to five work, she is taking up her doctorate degree on weekends, she is a mother of four and she is also into health business. If I do not know her personally I will surely think she is some kind a hero, a lady hero. The last time we talked was more than a week ago. She was very excited telling me how her newly opened business doing and that she got a customer already although she haven't had an official receipt to issue. But I know the receipt issue will be fix soon and maybe it is already solve while I am typing this post.

Well, I will not be surprise if she will succeed in her school and office supplies venture. As we all know paper is one vital important item in the supplies of many businesses and offices. Honestly I could not imagine life without paper. Next time I meet this friend I am going to ask her if she is already selling thermal paper and printer ribbons. We all know that a lot of customers will be looking for this kind of paper. Thermal paper is normally used in issuing receipt in the store and other business establishments. Same goes with the receipt paper. It is also commonly use in business.

For those who are searching for different kind of paper whether is it for personal use, office use of for your business you should take a visit at Pro Source Paper. You can also visit them I you wish you know more about the products they offer any time at your convenient time.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cold Room

I decided to open the aircon in our room so I could work effectively. It is so freaking hot when I arrived home few hours ago. I came from a long trip and I know being inside a hot room will not help me although I am using our electric fan. Now, I am freaking cold :) I will off the aircon soon and use the electric instead.

Oh I shall publish this now, The boyfriend is calling me already.

On Food Allergies And Treatment

I am always a believer of the saying "Health is Wealth". But I know for a fact that our health is often neglected. We tend to drink and smoke too much, over work ourselves and worst drug addiction. Often times, it is too late already when we found out that the above mentioned vices have brought bad destruction to our health. And, yes, another quote just cross in my mind while I am typing and allow me to share the quote before I hit the publish button, "Better Later than Never". So folks, before it's too late start staying healthy and start caring our body and life. Remember we only have one body and so as the life.

Talking about health, I recently came across this website that offer wide array of natural vitamins, food supplement, health supplements and much more. Apart from vitamins and supplements you can also find helpful guide and information about food allergies. Just by reading the website I have found new information I can use in the future. But for now I am interested to know about arthritis pain relief, since few of my relatives are suffering from this kind of illness (arthritis). I also would like to know about nitric oxide supplement as a friend asks me about it few days ago. Good thing I found this website called Naturally, you can visit them at

So next time you need vitamins, supplements and other natural medicine but you don't have enough time to roam around you better check them out.

Should You Consider Travel RN Jobs?

Have You Considered Travel Nursing Jobs?

Countless of commencement exercises are being conducted this month here. Millions of university student will finally graduate in their respective chosen field of studies. But the question is, will they find a job in their chosen field?

As the economic situation continues to sink, finding a job is getting harder and harder. Here in my country, there are lots of unemployed professionals. It has been said that a Registered Nurse is at the top of the list. Nurses are having a hard time applying for jobs. With this being the case, thousands of registered nurses here are choosing to work abroad regardless of the distance from their love ones. So, I would like to share with you my latest find online.

If you are one of the thousands of unemployed registered nurses, then perhaps you would like to try applying for a job with one of the trusted travel nursing companies. I don't know if you are aware that there is such a thing as a traveling nurse. I myself just found out about it when a friend online talked about the travel nurse companies. A relative shared it with us recently. Out of curiosity I visited On Assignment Nurse Travel website. I personally know someone who is applying for a nursing job, and I am thinking of sharing this new found information.

I am quite sure that landing travel rn jobs will certainly give more opportunities, such as traveling to different parts of the world or country several times a year. You don't need to spend a lot of money on paid vacations, because this is a convenient way to enjoy a vacation and work without spending additional expenses. Apart from travel opportunities, there are also benefits offered for travel nursing. So if you are on the lookout a for nursing job but it seems impossible to get at the moment, then perhaps it's time you consider applying as a travel nurse.

Am Back

Oh Boy! I am pretty exhausted while typing this blog post. I and the little one just arrived an hour ago from my younger sister’s place. I immediately open my netbook and check my e-mails. I also check all the pay to blog websites I am working with and to my surprised I have another batch of work to do. I still have some pending tasks to finish from the previous batch. Yay, I have so much work to do now. Hopefully, I can finish few tasks before I dose off to bed.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Acne Scars And Hair Removal

Alright, for the record I don’t need to undergo Acne scars removal and I hope I will not need it in the near future either. But I could not help myself to be vain; being vain is natural for women and even for some men. I mean, who want to look ugly anyway. There is no doubt that we want to look our best any time of the day regardless of how tired and stress we are.

Apart from acne scars, unwanted hair is also a problem among women. And, well, honestly I am one of them. There are times that I will ask my nephew or my son to pluck the unwanted hair that keep on growing on my armpit. I simply don’t want to shave them. I’d rather consistently pluck them one by one than shave. And, since I know undergoing hair removal can be expensive I will be doing this in the next coming years. But if you have enough budget then why pluck or shave when you can have it removed through Laser hair removal DC or Laser hair removal Maryland. I just don’t know how much it will cost you but I am quite sure you will be satisfied with the service offered by While other women are worrying about unwanted hair, other may worries about moles, stretch mark, cellulite, wrinkles and other skin problems.

Truly when it comes to physical appearance we tend to spend quite a lot of money and it is known to one of the expensive that anyone can spend if we are to sum up everything that we buy concerning on our outside physical look. Anyway, just in case you want to look younger than your age you might consider asking professional help. A piece of advice read and asked your family and friends if they can recommend someone that is well trained and experienced.

Good Quality Mahogany Furniture

Few years ago, I bought our sala set. It took me two months before I can buy the furniture I want. Aside from my budget I also need to consider my mother whom I ask if she like my choice. Anyway, when shopping for furniture what do you usually consider? Are you a kind of shopper who is into stylish furniture? Or are you a type of buyer who visit few furniture stores before you can actually decide what you buy? As for me, when buying furniture and other things for our house I always try to secure that I get the best quality for the money I am ready to spend. This can be difficult because it is far from being sure that good looking furnitures are of good quality also, as a lady I don't actually know if a product is made of solid materials so often times when buying furnitures I will ask my brother to go with me so he can help me choice good quality furniture.

Apart from choosing good quality, we should also consider that the furniture we are buying will match our home design and paint. I don't know if you notice but I do that good furniture actually add beauty to our home interior design. I just like this night stand, very simple yet elegant.

Talking about furniture, I happen to came across this furniture site that offer wide selection of home furniture. I am not buying furniture but could not stop myself from browsing the site. I just love their mahogany furniture. is the leading mahogany furniture maker. Oh well, they are not just offering furniture made of mahogany as you can also find dining room table sets, luxury furniture, traditional furniture, conference room desk and a lot more. So you know where to go next time you buy furniture for your home or for your office.I've been wanting to buy dining set but unfortunately my finances would not allow me to materialize this plan. So I shall save more for the dining set I want.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Religiously Working With My Online Task

I have mentioned in my other blogs that I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. I am going to my younger sister’s place. I still have some tasks to work on before I leave tomorrow. I could not afford to lose those tasks again, just like what I did before when I am still getting tasks from this website. Now, that I am given another chance to work with them I will try my best to work on every tasks that are assigned to me.

I have been religiously blogging since yesterday and I guess I need to take a break now. I just got a message from a friend who invited me for a small gathering. So I shall get my butt off here and prepare myself. I will be back later today to work on my pending tasks…

Whirlpool Appliance Parts For My Aunt

I do not know what made my Aunt and her husband brought most of their belongings from London when they decided to live here in the country for good. Other couple would choice to have a garage sale rather than spending quite a lot of money shipping those heavy things to another country. Of course, there are lots of moving companies that promise to ship your things sound and safe to its point of destination, but, still there are some important things to consider such as, how long you can actually use them, is the amount you spend for shipping worth it. Unfortunately my Aunt and her husband made a wrong decision when they decided to ship two washing machine, two televisions (lcd screen) and gas range. The two washing machines are at the back of their house for few years now and they can't use it because they need to change a spare part and sadly it is not available in the country. Same goes with the televisions and the gas range.

I don't know if they also need to buy TV parts for their televisions since they are not using it for sometimes now. My Aunt is currently in London and I am not sure if she is planning to buy Whirlpool appliance parts for their washing machines. I guess that is the only thing she can do, buy the spare parts they needed while she is in London and send it here. I hope she will call soon for I will give her the link of the website I recently found. It offers the spare parts they needed for their washing machines. The site also offer Whirlpool refrigerator parts, television parts, air conditioner, cell phones, laptops, printer, desktop, home theatre a much more.

So just in case you need spare part for your gadget or appliances but you don't have enough time to buy it in the store, then perhaps consider buying it online.

Womens Health Matter During Pregnancy

A month ago, my younger sister told me that she is pregnant. Yay, our family is indeed getting bigger and bigger. Anyway, I was surprised because my sister's youngest kid just turned one year old few months ago. And well, I also knew she is taking pill to prevent from getting pregnant but I found out that she stopped taking the pill for health reason. My sister has four children already and I guess it is enough already but then having another baby in the family is simply a blessing.

The last time I visited my sister she is having a hard time dealing with the pregnancy. She is vomiting many times a day apart from morning sickness. It's her fifth baby and I guess she knows a lot about pregnancy but then I could not help but search online on pregnancy advice especially because I personally saw her staying in bed and could not eat a penny because of bad appetite.

I was just lucky because unlike my sister I had no problem during pregnancy which is good because I don't have anyone to take good care of me just in case I have to deal with morning sickness and all that. During pregnancy womens health is really important because the baby need it the most. Pregnant women should at least read about womens fitness articles for it will enlighten your knowledge on how to live healthy while pregnant.

Pouring Of Blessing

As of this typing the rain stops. Hopefully it won’t be raining again as a friend invited me and my other friends for a small gathering this afternoon.

On a happy note, this blog has been receiving some task from one my favorite pay to blog website. I never expected that I will get a task from this website since the loss of its pagerank few months ago. But they proved me wrong as online work from this website keep on coming. Yay, I could not help but smile from ear to ear.

Anyway, I finished few tasks already. So I’ll be taking a few minutes break. I will be playing Tetris, my recent addiction game in Facebook.

Discounted Vitamin B2 @ Healthdesigns

Okay, so you may notice that I mentioned in several occasions that I want to lost weight. I know it is not easy to get back the old weights that I have before I started gaining but at least I want to shed few kilos. I have tried walking early in the morning for an hour or so before. I did lost few kilos but for personal reason I stopped walking in the morning so I started gaining back the few kilos that I have lost. I am still hoping that one day I will finally get my ideal weight. I just need motivation and the eagerness to lose weight.

Anyway if you are in a diet, I have read somewhere that if you're into this kind of weight lose regimen you don't actually get the right or enough minerals and vitamins that our body needs. Since we dont get enough nutrient from our food intake is it very important for us to take food supplements to stay healthy while you are enjoying losing weight. Of course, there are lots of food supplements available in the market these days. Some of them can be bought over the counter but the big question is, are they safe and effective. There are things to consider if you want to live longer. One is, you should be careful on buying food supplements, vitamins and other types of medicine as they can harm your vital organs without knowing it. Balance diet and healthy lifestyle is still the best key to have a longer life. For online shopper you should buy products from a trusted store like It's a one stop shop online store where in you can find everything you need from undecyn capsule to usana vitamins. In fact a lot of health foods and meal supplements can be found in this online store, from weight loss drinks to sugar substitutes they have it. Herbal teas of different kinds and vitamin b2 can also found at healthdesigns. So what are you waiting for? Browse from their top supplements that will help you maintain a healthy life style.

Good Night!!!

It’s pass one o’clock in the morning here in my other part of world. I just had a great time talking to my boyfriend online. It’s been a long day for me. I spent most of my time blogging. And, well, I am happy with it. I am indeed lucky today to have some tasks, more than I expected to have. I still have some online tasks in my dashboard and hopefully I can finish them all before I lost them in my dashboard.

For now, I shall let enjoy the cold weather. Good night folks!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Have experience going to a place where in you are not familiar with? I do, I was with my friend then when my friends asked me to go with her. I didn’t know that she was not familiar with the place and worst she don’t actually know the exact place of the relative we were supposed to visit. To make the story short, we decided to go home for the heat of the sun is scorching high that time that we could not take it anymore.

Now you have greater chances of finding the place you are looking for with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System). If you are traveling with a motorcycle then you can use the best motorcycle gps available at The Source. In fact you find different types of GPS, whether it is for your car or handheld GPS you can surely find it this online store.

Signing Off In Blogging Temporarily

Okay, I shall take a break now. I’ve been blogging for few hours now and I am kinda tired, already. I will continue blogging later today. I shall enjoy the cold weather cuddling with my pillow and blanket in a while.

I blogged about being lazy today because of the cold weather but I am glad that it turned productive. I do have few tasks left in my dashboard but I no reason to fret yet as I still have ample of time to finish all the remaining tasks. Thank you Lord for all the blessings I continue to receive although I am not a perfect servant. Happy blogging guys! Together let’s make this day a productive day.

On Sexy Lingerie

If there is one thing that my boyfriend would love me to have when we are finally together is sexy lingerie. I do have few types of lingerie but unfortunately it is not sexy enough for him. And, well, since I am alone in my room I could not wear revealing lingerie anyway, so why would I buy something that I couldn’t wear.

If in case I need to buy revealing and sexy lingerie I can buy it at It’s the leading provider of various type of lingerie and has been in the business for sometimes now. With this, I know they offer good quality type of lingerie.

On Modern Way Of Communicating

As you all know I am in a long distance relationship for more than five years now. You may wonder how we survive this long without meeting personally. Oh well, our only secret is video and audio conferencing. I don’t know if we can survive this long if we will only be communicating thru phone calls and text messages.

Of course, I know for a fact that this medium of communication is not just use by lovers who are far away from each other for it is also use by many companies. With the recent financial meltdown there are lots of companies who choice to update the business condition thru video conferencing than traveling from one place to another which is not a good option since many financial institution choices to have a huge cost cutting in business travels.

Great Time With My Man

I had a great time talking to my boyfriend a while ago. We may have some differences but I am glad that we always manage to surpass whatever problem that comes our way. There are times that we are at the edge of ending our relationship and surrender our battle in making our dreams into reality but at the end of the day we always choice to stay together and continue fighting.

Truly building a long distance relationship and an interracial relationship on top of it is not easy. Apart from trust, patience also plays a big rule to a have a successful long distance and interracial relationship. I maybe have lost my patience at times but gladly my boyfriend will always reach out. And, well, a good reason to celebrate for having such a wonderful boyfriend, right? He maybe not a perfect boyfriend to anyone but sure he is for me.

Monday, March 26, 2012

On Rifle Scopes

Summer time is fast approaching. I absolutely love the weather today. It is this time when families are actually planning to take a break, perhaps a beautiful place to hang out and enjoy the summer, or just enjoying the outdoor activities that each member of the family loves to do. As for me, I always dream of a summer getaway with my family. But because of financial difficulties I could not afford to materialize this dream. A dream may be difficult to grasp at this moment but I am not losing hope, who knows one day I can finally bring my family to nice resort. It will be a dream come true then, and well, a nice reason to smile from ear to ear, right?

On the other note, if you're planning to take an adventure this summer then perhaps you might want to try something that you haven't tried before. Hunting is a good option if you want an extreme adventure. As for hunting and other outdoor equipment such as binoculars, Rifle scopes, telescope, laser and other outdoor accessories I know a trusted place to head on. Rifle scopes that are made of good quality can be found in this online store. When I say good quality, it is a kind of Rifle scopes that feature the latest optical technology made by the most prominent manufacturers using the best components available. It also has a high density lenses that provide customers a clear, bright and distinct images.

Should you need more information you can visit the official site of Barska.

On Updating My Blogs

I must admit, being a blogger is not easy at times. There are instances that I have a lot of ideas in mind but when I am about to put them into writing they just vanish like they were blown by the air. It’s frustrating especially if I have a lot of online work to finish. Just like yesterday morning, I was about to update all my blogs but I couldn’t think of a good topic to write. Often than not, I always end up having an unproductive day.

The fact that I love blogging and I am earning from it, I know I won’t stop blogging no matter how hard it is to write an update to post in all my blogs. Anyway, nothing seems to be easy nowadays.

Oh boy! I almost forgot. I need to pay some bills today so I shall go now. I will also be checking the little tot in school. He is attending their practice for Moving Up Ceremony coming Saturday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Had A Long Nap

After being busy with my new addiction I decided to take a nap. Been sleeping late at night lately so no wonder I had a long nap today. When I wake up, I hurriedly go online thinking that the boyfriend is already waiting to me but I was wrong because after few minutes of buzzing him I remember it’s Wednesday and we don’t usually talk during Wednesdays. Oh well, I will surely see in few hours.

My plan of improving the blog traffic of this blog sucks. I haven’t joining weekly meme’s recently, at least for this blog. Hopefully I can join this week. I shall start taking photos soon.

On the other hand, I my friends are planning to watch a movie next week. I am looking forward to it for I know we will have fun roaming around after the movie date. I still need to confirm the exact day when we will go. I got a message a while ago from another friend asking when we will watch the movie.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

On Different Kinds Of Scales

Often times I ask myself why go with the hustle and bustle of shopping in the mall when in fact you can buy anything you want to buy through online shopping. But I guess it’s because seeing the actual product or item that you want to buy is always on top when shopping. Of course you can find a lot of options online but when it comes to clothing I always prefer buying it on the mall or department store.But if you’re searching for analytical balance then perhaps you should consider buying analytical balance from This online store has a good reputation when it comes to different scales. Another thing, is if you are living in United States then you can avail of the FREE shipping that the store is offering.

I Have Much Reasons To Be Happy

If you’re a regular visitor and follower of this blog and my other blogs you might noticed that I’ve been dealing some personal issues lately. On several instances I’ve mentioned that problems seemed to following. I may complain a lot but I sure know that I still have more reasons to be happy and celebrate life compared to other people. I also have many reasons to be thankful.

Just recently the boyfriend gave more than enough reason to be thankful and smile from ear to ear. How I wish can disclose it here but I just can’t now. I promise to share it to you guys when the right time comes. For the mean time enjoy your weekend. It’s a rainy Sunday here in my other part of the world.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wide Array Of Profine Fire Pits

There are times that finding the kind of fire pits that you want can be daunting. But that was before when internet technology were not use by many people. We are now in a modern technology when searching fire pits and other stuff is made easy. You just need to google what you are searching for and you are one step ahead in finding whatever you are searching.

Apart from finding the fire pits you want, you can also get propane fire pits from affordable and made of good quality.

Pinay Single Mom's Nook Is For Approval

As a stay at home mother like me, earning online is one of the easiest way to earn extra. Oh well, it is not literally easy as you need to have a decent desktop, internet connection and one should have enough time as well. Patience is also a virtue of earning online. Since my only means of earning is through blogging I always consider on making another site, a self-hosted blog to be specific for it has more chances of getting advertisers. Of course I spend some amount for the domain and the hosting service but I knew in time I will get something from the amount I spent.

I don’t know if I mentioned in my other blog that I already submit my more than three months old blog, Pinay Single Mom’s Nook for approval in one of my favorite pay to blog website. I opt to not to submit it in other pay to blog sites for a greater chances of approval. Do wish my other blog guys to be as lucky as my other blogs.

Do visit my newly opened blog Single Mom Review, your visit will be much appreciated.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Buy Engagement Ring At Whiteflash Jewelry

There’s a saying “Diamond is forever” and “Diamond is Woman’s Best friend”. Oh well, who doesn’t want to own a diamond anyway. For sure we all want to have and own at least one diamond ring or earing. The only problem is that jewelries with diamond are not cheap. I myself also want to own diamond jewelry but because I know I cannot afford to have one I just prefer to long and wish for it. Who knows someone will ask me to marry him with a matching diamond engagement ring :).

Talking about engagement ring, are you planning to ask your girlfriend to marry you? If so, then you might want to consider checking White Flash Jewelry. They have wide selection of vatche engagement ring. This kind of ring is different from other diamond rings because it is not just meticulously made by the designer but it is also made of high quality average size diamond, not the typical oversized diamond that is made by other top designer. And well, vatche engagement rings are remarkably affordable compared to other diamond engagement rings available in the market these days.

If I am given a chance to choice what type of engagement ring I would love my finger to have, I will certainly choice a 3 stone engagement rings. Not because it has more diamond but because I find it elegant and perfectly beautiful. But of course it is not for me to choice what kind of engagement ring I want, it for the guy to decide what kind of engagement ring he wants to give me.

Anyway, if you’re preparing to ask your girlfriend to marry you then I would advise you to visit Whiteflash jewelry. They wide selection of engagement rings, whether you want simple or extravagant kind of ring you can sure find it in Whiteflash Jewelry. Once can even find helpful advice before buying engagement ring for your partner. As we all know buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task as you need to consider few important things. The design really plays a big rule in choosing the right ring. You should remember that women love to wear both their engagement rings and wedding bands in the same finger so they the wedding ring and wedding band should complement each other.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Picnic Is Closing

After abandoning this blog for more than a week, I am finally up for a short update. I don’t know if I have mentioned it here or in any of blog that I am using Picnic to edit the photos I am sharing for weekly memes. I’ve known Picnic for the few years now but I haven’t using it until lately when I decided to join weekly meme as my means of building blog traffic.

I was saddened when I found out that Picnic will be closing next month. With this, I am taking advantage using the picnic premium for free. I do not know if Google+ will allow its user to use the picnic premium for free. Oh well, I might use this software in the future, I have Google+ account so I might take advantage of it. For now, I shall enjoy Picnic until its closing date.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Many Kinds Of Trophies

For a person who is not an internet savvy, they may find online shopping unbelievable and incredible. As we all know, since the birth of internet technology it offered a lot of help for each one of us. For business owner, internet technology is there means of marketing their business or meeting up possible clients or employees. As for me, it is my means of communicating to my boyfriend, relatives and friends. It is also my means of earning money.

For some people it became their avenue to browse different types of web pages. There is no doubt that you can actually find what you’re searching in the World Wide Web. If you are looking for Crystal Trophies you can surely find a lot of website that offer different kinds of trophies. But, beware, for not all of them are true to their promise. Only few of them really offer good quality products.

Recently, I came across this trusted website that offer ample choices of trophies, whether you are searching for an ordinary trophy to personalized trophies I am quite sure that you can find it at They are North America's leading provider of corporate awards, employee awards, recognition awards and personalized gifts and promotional items.

Should you wish to know more about the website? You can head on to the link above.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Blog Post For The March

Where did the month of February go? How time flies, today is the first day of the month of March, my birthday month. In less than a week I will be turning 33. Yay, I am getting old. No specific plan yet as to how I am going to celebrate it. But one thing is for sure I am going to attend a mass like I usually do, to thank all the blessings that come my way and for another year to enjoy and spend with the little one and my family.

Anyways, I don’t have much to share in here. I am just actually up for an update. It’s the first day of the month so I want to update all my blogs. I want to have a positive outlook for the month of March. There are a lot of ways to celebrate life and a positive outlook will surely make everything possible.