Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pinay Single Mom's Nook Is For Approval

As a stay at home mother like me, earning online is one of the easiest way to earn extra. Oh well, it is not literally easy as you need to have a decent desktop, internet connection and one should have enough time as well. Patience is also a virtue of earning online. Since my only means of earning is through blogging I always consider on making another site, a self-hosted blog to be specific for it has more chances of getting advertisers. Of course I spend some amount for the domain and the hosting service but I knew in time I will get something from the amount I spent.

I don’t know if I mentioned in my other blog that I already submit my more than three months old blog, Pinay Single Mom’s Nook for approval in one of my favorite pay to blog website. I opt to not to submit it in other pay to blog sites for a greater chances of approval. Do wish my other blog guys to be as lucky as my other blogs.

Do visit my newly opened blog Single Mom Review, your visit will be much appreciated.

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