Friday, April 27, 2012

Broken Telephone Set

Our telephone set is broken. I found out about it last night when I was about to call the customer service of my internet provider. I could not dial a number nor do I hear any tone when I press any key. It is really annoying. With this I am force to go downtown today. I actually don’t have any plan of going to downtown today but because of this I need to go and change the telephone set. Good thing the set is still under warranty so I don’t need to pay any penny.

Mr Sunshine is up and above already, so it’s gonna be a hot and humid day again. Oh well. Its summer time so no wonder especially that I am from a tropical country. But anyway, have a blessed and fun Friday.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

On Joining School Band

I allow him to join when he told and asked me if he can join the band but for some reasons he stop wanting it anymore. I don’t know what made the nephew change his mind not to join their school band. I really not care if I need to buy his own drum since the school cannot afford to buy another set of Pork Pie Drums to the new band members.

Anyway whatever his reason is I do hope he will not regret it in the future.

On Being Lazy & New Blogger Look

Boy! It’s been a while since my last blog post for this blog. You may wonder what I’ve been doing lately. Oh well, I am actually online everyday but I am lazy to do the tasks that has been in my dashboard for almost a week now and the same reason why I don’t have any update.

On the other note, blogger has its new look now. I am starting to like the new look but I could not find out how to put a space in each paragraph inn my other blog. I tried using the code I am using before but to no avail.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fire Hose Adapter And Etc

Geezz….I should prepare going to downtown now before I run out of time. But before I finally hit the logoff button I want to share my recent find online.

Wondering where you can find wide array of fire hose adapters online, then you can stop wondering now as you can find it at

Apart from hose adapter you can also find fire engine booster hose, portable water pump, nozzles and much more.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Allergy Again!!!

Darn! I am dealing this allergy again. I do hope I will get rid of this soon. I really hate it when I have allergy as I could not breathe normally because of clogged nose.

Anyways, as I’ve mentioned in my other blog summer is here already here. The desire of losing weight is back again since I might have a chance to visit the nearest resort with my friends. But like the previous year I failed again, I just couldn’t resist eating more than I should eat. I know there are other ways to lose weight. One is taking diet pill but because I am afraid of bad side effects that is harmful to my health.

So if ever you are considering on losing weight the easy way I would advise you to read reviews online.

Blessed Sunday

Oh yeah! It’s a Sunday and I’ll have a busy day ahead. I have another batch of link assignment from my all-time favorite pay to blog website. I also need to attend a meeting in an hour with my high school batch mates. I am just glad that my younger brother and sister-in-law will tag along the little one in going to the nearby mall. I am not complaining though I have a lot of work today as I consider it a blessing.

On the other note, I had a blast night with the little one. I will be posting photos in my next post. I haven’t uploaded the photo yet to my netbook. I am not in the mood to do it now.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pool Accesories On Sale

There is no doubt that maintaining the cleanness and safeties of the pool can be daunting and expensive. But if you will do a little research you surely find pool accessories on sale.

Its summer time and a lot of people would like to plunge and soak in the pool or beach. With this, it is high time that resort owners should check their facilities especially the pool to insure that the pool accessories are working well to avoid hassle and complains from the customers. You can visit Aqua Supercenter for big discount in all pool supplies and extended warranties on selected products.

You can visit the now just in case you need more information.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Today is Easter Sunday. It is a Christian feast and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary as described in the New Testament. Easter is preceded by Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. The last week of Lent is called Holy Week, and it contains the days of the Easter Triduum, including Maundy Thursday, commemorating Maundy and the Last Supper, as well as Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Easter is followed by a fifty-day period called Eastertide or the Easter Season, ending with Pentecost Sunday. The festival is referred to in English by a variety of different names including Easter Day, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day and Resurrection Sunday.

Source: Wikepedia

Apart from celebrating Easter Sunday nothing seems extra ordinary on this day, for me. The little one has been pleading me that we go with my friends to the beach but because I am hesitant to go I would always answer him with different excuses and alibi. I just hope he will forget about going to the beach today.

On the lighter note, I arrived home with the little one yesterday afternoon from my younger sister’s place. My Mom, nephew and niece are still there enjoying. I am not sure yet if I will allow my Mom to be home early next week because of health reason. Staying with my sister would help here relax a bit. I don’t know if I mentioned it here or in my other blog that she had her check-up last Wednesday. The primary reason for the check-up was her finger nail that was infected when she did our laundry last month. She has been complaining about it and finally I decided to bring her to doctor last Wednesday. I also found out that her blood pressure is way too high that she was given another set of medicine to minimize her BP. Hopefully, she is better next week for her follow-up check-up.

I thank my boyfriend for providing everything we need (financially).

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On Industrial Cabinets And Others

When shopping I always look for durability. Why so? Because I have been a victim of cheap products that easily break. I may be paying more amount but then I am happy for the quality for I can use it many times.

Same goes when you are shopping for our business. You should choice the product that is good in quality. If you are a business owner and in searching for industrial cabinets then I advise you to visit They offer the most stylish cabinets and industrial workbenches which are famous for its structure, durability and will last long. The durability of the products bought from this website is guaranteed for they are using premium quality of metals which bring long life to the products they are manufacturing.

For many years since its foundation, they have been the leader in producing and distributing metals and plastic goods for packaging, storage and other uses. Just in case you are in a lookout for service cart you know where to go. Should you need more information about the company or the product you need? You can visit any time you want.

As for me, I might share the link to a friend who just opened a school and office supplies. She might be in need of storage cabinets to safety her goods.

Sick Me

Gawd! I am running out of time finishing the undone online tasks that I have in my LL dashboard. Last night I failed to blog because I had an asthma attack. I guess the tiredness luck of sleepy triggered the attack. Up to now I still feel sick-ie but I need to finish few tasks before I leave to go downtown to run errands.

And, I guess I do not have any other option but to let go of the tasks that can’t finish today.

On Discount Batteries

The little tot own few battery operated toys. He would always ask or complain that I should buy him the batteries he needs for him to be able to enjoy and play his toys. But as a forgetful mom, I always missed it when I am shopping for our groceries. Now that his summer vacation is official I am thinking of buying the batteries he needs so he won't be staying out side most the time. I noticed that that he would go out as soon as he wakes up each morning. I just hope I won't forget again.

But if ever, I will surely find a solution as I recently found an online store which offer 'discount batteries. is online store where once can purchase replacement batteries for remote control, motorcycle battery, laptop batteries, camera batteries, cell phone batteries, watch batteries, rechargeable batteries, button and coin cell batteries and more. In deed this battery online store is a must to visit if you are in need of motorcycle batteries and other batteries in very affordable price.

I hope as soon as I give the batteries to the little one he won't be going out much anymore. But I know one thing; he will smile from ear to ear for I finally buy his request. It's been a decade since he requested the batteries.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Employee Manual

As I mentioned in my previous post a company's success will depend on its employees. The employees are the company's path to success. Whatever business or company you may have you should hire someone that is competent enough to compete the high level of competition among other company. Efficiency of the employees should not be neglected as well. With this, it is very important for company owner to take good care of them. However finding someone can be trusted to do the work in checking the needs of the employees can be daunting, far difficult that hiring a good employee. Employee's handbook should be distributed to the employees for them to know there rights, the company's mission, vision and other important information about the company. You are lucky if you are connected with a company who have a heart to their employees for I am sure that your rights are well taken cared.

Just recently I came across this website called They are known for being a good source for essential HR products for growing businesses. They offer Employee Handbook software, templates and HR Forms that you can download and edit any time you want. Their most popular template, a downloadable and customizable Handbook Template, is in use by thousands of companies ranging in size from 2 to 200+ employees. In addition to their bestselling handbook templates, they also produce and sell motivational and educational training video that tackles about sexual harassment, customer services skills and leadership. Staff development is also available. The video will help the staff development for it include consulting in the areas of writing company office policy for employee manuals, workplace training and development; custom employee handbooks, custom job training video production, and custom H.R.I.T. software solutions.

So I you in search of California Employee Handbook, Texas Employee Handbook and employee manual you know where to go.


Yay, I still have a lot of things that I need to accomplish today. For few days I haven’t visiting the blogs I usually visit. I’ve been moving the plan of uploading the photos of the little tot taken on their moving up ceremony. Lastly, I still have two more tasks that are due today. Gracious! How can I finish the things that I need to do in an easy way. But then again, I always remember nothing in this world is easy to achieve. For us to be able to reach our goal a lot of hurdle will surely come our way.

Anyway, Mr Sunshine is shining up brightly today. In fact I can now feel the hot. Woot.. Indeed summer is official here. Agree guys?

Lift Recliners: A Must To Have

..if you have problem sitting down and going up.

A week ago I was in the mall. While roaming around the mall I have seen few old people roaming around the mall as well. The disability or the illness they are suffering obviously would they still enjoy going to the mall or anywhere they want if wheelchair was not invented? I am pretty sure it could be a problem or hassle to the family bringing a disable or sick family member without a wheel chair everywhere they go .But disability and illness should not stop us from enjoying what the world has to offer. If you have enough resource the more that you have greater chances of enjoying as you can afford to buy the equipment you need.

If you have difficulty in sitting down and getting up from the chair alone then you should consider having your own lift recliner. It will help you stand and sit down without asking for a help for lift recliners has the ability to recline once the person wants to sit down and lift when you want to stand. All you have to do it control the equipment.

And, yes, when it comes to medical equipment the perfect place to head on is At Total Home Medical, one could find the medical equipment and supplies that you need it's either for yourself or for a loved one that medically ill or disable. They provide highest quality home health care products such as power lift chairs, glucose monitors, beddings, medical chairs and mobility scooters in lowest possible prices. One good reason why you should shop with them is that they ship the products as fast as they can for free shipping if your orders is over $99. For more detailed information you can visit them at or call then at 877-317-9278.

On Hot Tub Chemicals

I know I may sound complaining as I have mentioned in several occasion that I have been working too much for the past couple of days. But the truth is I am not. This is actually what I want to earn more than I earned for the past few months. But then, my body is achy because of sitting down in front of my netbook longer than I usually do. If I have one thing that I really want to do at this point of time is relax and unwind. If someone will offer me a whole body massage this time I will surely grab it without a second thought. Submerging in a hot tub is also hard to resist.

But it doesn't mean that I will plunge into the hot tub without securing if the water used is clean and well treated. I don't want to risk myself of getting skin rashes just because the water used in the tub is not clean or no hot tub chemicals were put in the water. As we all know there are some illnesses that cause by using unclean water. Mostly the illness is visible to the skin which is for me is disgusting and uncomfortable. So to avoid being in this scenario it is a must that the water you use in taking a shower, cooking, drinking and other water consumption is clean. As for the hot tubs using hot tub chemicals should be applied.

Many years ago, searching for a whole house water filtration system and other water treatment can be daunting. But that was before, as companies like Clarity Water Products is just a finger tips away. Clarity Water Products offer water treatment products that remove the chemicals that are usually visible in normal water such as bromine, biguadine and clorine which can be a bad treat to our health. They also offer spa products, commercial osmosis, well water system, chlorine free pools and much more. If you have a tub at home or running a spa or a resort is a must to visit.

Wake Up Call

Good morning folks! A call wakes me up today. It’s from my boyfriend. He wants us to talk earlier than we usually do because he is not feeling well. He has been complaining about his stomach for the past couple of days.

As usual I will be busy today. I still have some pending tasks to work on that are due today and tomorrow. Hopefully I can rest as soon as I am done with it. I have been working too much for few days now. And, well, I am starting to feel the discomfort in my back and right arm. The greedy in me just could not let the opportunity of earning more slip in my hands regardless of how tired I am.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Rent Books Online

Back then when I don't have internet connection at home you will see me hanging out with my friends chit chatting on my free time. You can also see me watching television or reading the books and novel that I love to read. I actually have some novel collection that I've collected for the last couple of years. The boyfriend also loves to read. There are times that he will share what he have read to me. But the story he is reading is boring for me. It's just that we read different gender of book but he knows what I want for a book. So it he would just laugh me when I start complaining about his story.

At one point, I got addicted reading romance novel to the point that I have register myself in one of the popular book rentals in the city. Buying all the story that I want to read was way far to reach because of my limited allowance. I am left without any option but to rent books as many as I can. There are times that I don't spend my money to buy snacks as I am preparing it next time I rent books.

Who would have thought that you can rent books these days online? Do you? I honestly didn't imagine that there would be a time that book rentals will be available online. But then, we are now in a modern world when everything can be done online. So if you are a book lover but you dont have enough resources to buy the book you want, you can create an account at and avail of their free trial. Once you are a member you can rent unlimited book and rent audio books without spending any penny on delivery as they deliver the books you've rented for free. What I love most in this website is that you can return the books any time you want without paying any charge.

On Wanting Hand Held Massagers

My blog post prior to this post only shows how long I have been sitting in front of my netbook each day. For the past couple of days you will see me online most of the time. In between my online works I am playing the facebook app game that always play lately . Since I am sitting most of the day I am starting to feel the discomfort in my back, my lower back to specific. I also feel a little pain in my right arm. I am just lucky that I haven't had a headache yesterday and today. Most often than not, back pain is probably next to headache as I always feel it when I am blogging longer than I usually do. The pain could last for a day or two but it is still depend on how long I will be sitting in front of my netbook. Just like now, I have been blogging too much. I started feeling the discomfort in my lower back and right arms the following day I start catching up all my work backlog. I am happy that it never happened that I seek medical help and I hope I won't need it in the future as well.

However with the kind of work I have I often wish I could enjoy a body massage every night. I guess I really deserve it after a tiring day. Since I could not afford to pay for a body massage every day or twice a week I am considering on getting my own massager. I found an online store that offer massage balls, hand held massagers and other massage accessories. If ever I can have my own massager I can just ask my mother to give me a massage while lying in my bed. I will surely have a great sleep although I had a very tiring day.

Blogging Most Of The Time

I am finally done with the second batch of link assignment I got from LL. I do lost two tasks from the first batch of links assignment that was assigned to me last week but at least I am happy I was able to catch up all the pending task that are due today. Now I shall start doing the assigned tasks that is due tomorrow. Yay, indeed I am running out of time for the third batch. Hopefully I can finish them all before the due.

On the lighter note, I got my second payment from linkvehicle. It was not big compared to my first payment but better than nothing. I am trying to save some amount in my paypal for me to be able to pay some personal loan. Hopefully in one month or so I will be debt free. Hiast, truly life is a battle.

Badge Printer And ID's Accessories

Truly, internet technology never stops amazing me. Aside from it is my means of communicating to my boyfriend, relatives and friends it is also my means of earning extra while staying at home. Why I say that internet technology never stop amazing is that whenever I have time I surf the net and I continue to find good deals. And, well, I also find things that I never thought I could find and buy it online. I would like to share to you my new find online. The website is called Beresford Company, I don't know if you guys have stumbled upon this company online but nevertheless I am still sharing what this company offered. The first thing I noticed when I found this site is its simplicity. Unlike other website, this website is user friendly. You can browse the products by categories. All products are listed in a grid position so you can easily search what you are looking for detailed with description and clear image which is very important since online shopper could not see the product personally.

So if you own or head company Beresfordco.Com is the perfect to place to visit. School head and administrators should also visit this site. Why I say so? It is because this website offer quality photo ID cards. You can also find lanyards and badge holders, badge holders, ID card printers, ID cards holders, clips, ID accessories, neck strap, cameras and much more. They have been in this kind of business for many years now. And for me, it could only mean one thing, they offer good quality products, secure shopping, affordable and trusted since they survive the high level of competition in the industry. So next time you shop for lanyards and badge holders' and badge printer you know where to go.

If you need more details you can visit the website now or contact their friendly sales team at 800-229-9963.

I Have One True Love

It's been a while since I visited Blogthing website. This morning, I could not think of what I am going to post in here. I still have some paid post assigned for this blog. I don't want my blog to have full of paid post so as much as possible I am posting non paid post after two paid post.

Anyway, I am wondering what does my birthday means in my love life. Here is what I got..

You'll Have 1 True Love
Calm and understated, you struggle to express your love with words. Over time, your partner learns to recognize your passion by the actions you take. You're good at wooing someone slowly, without them even realizing it! Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 2 You are most compatible with people born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th of the month.

Discount Chairs As It Best

I don't have any experience working in an office but I do have an idea how it is to work in an office. Having a good office environment is very important for the employees to work efficiently. In purchasing our home furniture the first thing that we should take into consideration is the durability and the style. The office and home furniture has in common and that is to serve its purpose which is to give the user a comfy feeling while using the furniture. However, most of the offices choice to purchase cheap office chair which cost less without knowing that the materials are of second-rate quality. Having an uncomfortable office chairs would result various health problems to the employees. Back ache is commonly complained of employees who have uncomfortable chair after work.

So if you own a company it would best I you will use comfortable chairs, perhaps you can search for discount chairs online. Nowadays you can actually find a lot of discounted chairs and other office supplies online. Apart from paying less you can also get the comfortably that you can get when purchasing expensive chairs and other office furniture. I would like to share my recent find online. The site offer wide selection of office furniture such as, computer chairs, conference chairs, reception chairs, leather office chairs, stools and a lot more. What I like in this website is that you cannot just find discount chairs but also good quality. The site is also easy to navigate as you can browse by category and brands.

Oh! While searching the site I remember my plan of buying computer chair. I have been using the normal chair and because I am not comfortable I always have back ache. If I can find affordable computer chair like the office chairs cheap offered by ChairHero, I will surely get one without any hesitation.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting Cheap Car Insurance

Okay, I have been blogging for few years now. I blogged about cheap car insurance many time, in fact countless of times but until now I am not familiar with car insurance and other kind of insurance. I though know that getting insurance is really important for it will help our family future. Looking for the right insurance, specifically car insurance can be a daunting undertaking. You need to go through the nitty-gritty of choosing a car insurance provider that won't make a hole in your pocket. It is also important that you understand what you are getting into. I mean, getting to know and understanding full insurance coverage, various types of auto insurance and much more. Reading car insurance reviews would help you decide what type of auto insurance you need.

Anyway, if you own a car you definitely know that having car insurance is really important. In other place it is a law that a car owner should get car insurance. So don't be surprised if you will find hundreds of insurance companies online and offline. With this don't be shocked for there are insurance companies that offer expensive insurance and promise to offer the best coverage that anyone can have. But do you know that you can actually reduce the cost of your car insurance but get the same coverage. You read it right. All you need to do is visit and your one step ahead to find the cheapest car insurance in available in the market. All you need to do is enter zip code and hit the start button and you will get the list of insurance provider that you need in few minutes.

If you are a first time car owner and you want to know more about insurances then fret no more as you can find honest and unbiased auto insurance reviews online.

Careless Me!!!

Just because tasks keep pouring here I hardly visit my other blog to the point that I missed posting an update. Good thing I manage to update my other blogs this morning. I would be updating them regularly regardless of how busy I am here.

The other day I was trying to submit a blog post but I always get an error message. I thought it was the system but I was wrong because I forget to add the last link. No wonder because I posted the review when I was very sleepy that I could hardly open my eyes. It was too late when I found out what is wrong because I already got a message in my inbox that the particular post is due, already. Yay, just because of being careless I lost the task.

Building A Sports Websites

It is officially summer break for the little one. They have their Moving Up ceremony yesterday. So, today, he is enjoying every bit of his summer break with his cousins and friends. During weekdays when he should be wake up early he won't wake up. But not that he can stay in bed as long as he want to he was awake early. In fact I was still sleeping when he get up and started playing. Oh kids! When it comes to playing nothing can stop them.

Looking back, when I was his age, I also have my fair share of playful moments with my friends. I remember our grandmother scolding us because we missed doing the house chores that we asked us to do. Now, it is my turn to experience what my grandmother experienced when we were kids.

In a sporty thought, if you are a sport fanatic and would like to have your own sports website then perhaps this blog post might be helpful to you. It is not a secret that hundreds of different kinds of websites are being lunch online. With that, building a sports website need not to be expensive. You can get everything you want in your website such as customized sports template, graphic design, unlimited sports team pages and most of all its free of advertisement. You will noticed that some sports websites have pop ups advertisement before you can start watching videos which I find irritating. Visit for more information.

Is My Malware Protection Effective ?

I previously complained that my netbook is getting slower each day, usually it took me a minute to open my netbook and connect to internet but not now. Often times it took me eight minutes before I could start browsing. I've been in the same situation last year. My netbook caught a virus and I blame my nephew for using it to play online games. Why I say so? It is because it was the same time that I started having problem opening my netbook and I always lose internet connection although my internet provider would tell me that they don't see any problem with my connection. The boyfriend then advised that I should bring the netbook to the store where I bought it since it was still under warranty. The technician didn't see any problem with the netbook but he said the netbook need reformatting. I agreed to the technician, since then I didn't have any problem until recently when I caught my nephew playing the same games he was playing before. I guess I need to bring this once again for reformatting.

I am using the same malware protection that my boyfriend is using. I don't know if the anti-virus we are using is good enough to safeguard his laptop and my netbook. But since we are having the same problem lately I guess the anti-virus we are using it not good enough to protect us from malwares. As a blogger I often visit many website each day. We all know that not all website are safe to visit. With this having the most secure browser to use will surely minimize my netbook to catch malware that can harm the hard drive without my knowledge. Just recently a friend told me about her latest find online, a secure browser. I haven't visited the site yet but since I have this malware problem I am considering on visiting the site real soon.