Monday, April 2, 2012

On Wanting Hand Held Massagers

My blog post prior to this post only shows how long I have been sitting in front of my netbook each day. For the past couple of days you will see me online most of the time. In between my online works I am playing the facebook app game that always play lately . Since I am sitting most of the day I am starting to feel the discomfort in my back, my lower back to specific. I also feel a little pain in my right arm. I am just lucky that I haven't had a headache yesterday and today. Most often than not, back pain is probably next to headache as I always feel it when I am blogging longer than I usually do. The pain could last for a day or two but it is still depend on how long I will be sitting in front of my netbook. Just like now, I have been blogging too much. I started feeling the discomfort in my lower back and right arms the following day I start catching up all my work backlog. I am happy that it never happened that I seek medical help and I hope I won't need it in the future as well.

However with the kind of work I have I often wish I could enjoy a body massage every night. I guess I really deserve it after a tiring day. Since I could not afford to pay for a body massage every day or twice a week I am considering on getting my own massager. I found an online store that offer massage balls, hand held massagers and other massage accessories. If ever I can have my own massager I can just ask my mother to give me a massage while lying in my bed. I will surely have a great sleep although I had a very tiring day.

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