Monday, April 2, 2012

Rent Books Online

Back then when I don't have internet connection at home you will see me hanging out with my friends chit chatting on my free time. You can also see me watching television or reading the books and novel that I love to read. I actually have some novel collection that I've collected for the last couple of years. The boyfriend also loves to read. There are times that he will share what he have read to me. But the story he is reading is boring for me. It's just that we read different gender of book but he knows what I want for a book. So it he would just laugh me when I start complaining about his story.

At one point, I got addicted reading romance novel to the point that I have register myself in one of the popular book rentals in the city. Buying all the story that I want to read was way far to reach because of my limited allowance. I am left without any option but to rent books as many as I can. There are times that I don't spend my money to buy snacks as I am preparing it next time I rent books.

Who would have thought that you can rent books these days online? Do you? I honestly didn't imagine that there would be a time that book rentals will be available online. But then, we are now in a modern world when everything can be done online. So if you are a book lover but you dont have enough resources to buy the book you want, you can create an account at and avail of their free trial. Once you are a member you can rent unlimited book and rent audio books without spending any penny on delivery as they deliver the books you've rented for free. What I love most in this website is that you can return the books any time you want without paying any charge.

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