Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I am having allergy since this morning. I also feel like I am having asthma attack earlier so I decided to take my medicine and dose off to bed early. I was sound asleep when I heard my mom coughing much. She has been having an asthma for few days. So I get up and give her a lukewarm water.  I also massage her back for her to feel better. Good thing she is better now. I will going back to bed as soon as I publish this blog post.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Treasure Hunting

I have an online friend whose husband own a metal detector. I remember when my friend told me how eager her husband to find valuable metals that he bring his metal detector when he is doing his daily walk. It's been a while that I haven't talked to my online friend and I forgot to ask her if her husband own one of the best metal detectors. I really hope I can talk to my friend again for I want to ask if her husband have valuable metals using the metal detector.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Need To Take A Nap

As of this typing been calling the little tot for his afternoon nap but he is engrossed watching television. I guess I need to off the television myself so he will take his nap. Of good thing he is in bed now.

In a while I will be login out to take a nap. I am getting sleepy, already. I’ve been online since this morning. Hopefully the notebook will be good to me later when I use it again. It’s acting up again lately. Haist.. it’s really annoying when I have problem like this.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Social Networking For Healthcare Professionals

There is no doubt that in this era of modern technology more and more people are using internet in a day to day basis. There are lots of social media available online and social media users are increasing rapidly each day. Why not? It helps large number of member to interact and communicate with their loved ones and friends who are living or working in another place. There are also professionals who choice to use social networking in advertising their business or respective work to gain clients.

However there are professionals like Luis Rodriguez, MD who is have doubt in using social networks because of lack of verification process. Oh well, I have good news for professional doctors as they can interact and exchange ideas with their fellow doctor at

Good Morning!

Good morning fellow blogger! It’s a holiday here in my other part of the world in commemorating of Independence Day. As I mentioned in my previous day today is the last day of the little one summer vacation. Tomorrow he is her first day of school. So, no wonder he woke up early today and starts playing outside as soon as he gets up. He is savoring his vacation.

On the other note, I am not yet done covering his books yet. But I’ll make sure I will finish it this morning as I want to do the laundry later. It’s gonna be a busy day for me, again.

Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Almost Over

Vacation is almost over for the little one. Tomorrow is a holiday here in my other part of the world, and well, the little one’s vacation is officially finish as he will attend his class the following day, Wednesday. So I shall finish covering all his book by tomorrow or else he will start to complain.

On the other hand, if the little one is excited and ready to go to school I have one problem though. I thought his old backpack is in good condition so I decided to buy him a new one next month, but I was wrong as I found out it is not in good condition anymore when I washed it few days ago. Since the boyfriend is on travel and I don’t have any extra in my wallet this time I can only hope that I’ll get a payment from my online work this weekend so I can buy the backpack I am eyeing in the mall next week.

Anyway, what really matter is that the little one is ready and excited.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Outdoor And Indoor Fountains

I know most of us would love to have a wall fountains installed in our respective homes. No wonder because the dripping water sound gives soothing sound into our ears. But because it is a bit pricey only few home owners can afford to have it. But if money is not a question, check out They have ample great looking indoor and outdoor fountains.