Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saving Tip

I admit I am not good when it comes to saving. I’ve tried cost cutting and other techniques but to no avail. I guess the main reason is because I am the one who is paying all the bills and our basic needs. If I will rate myself from one to five,five as the highest score. A rate of two is appropriate for me. I know for a fact that there are lots of ways to save. I just need to find out what work best to me.

Before I end this post, I have saving tips to share to all mommies out there. If you have a broken sofa at home why not consider searching for leather sofa repair shop than buying a new one. I am quite sure, by doing so, you can save a lot.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Bouncing Baby Boy

A power interruption occurred while I am looking at the screen of my notebook thinking what I am going to write. I was about to shut down the notebook but decided to continue what I am typing and just publish it later when I get back the electricity.

Anyway, no more cultural shows to watch at the town plaza, the festivity is over and thanks to my boyfriend for helping me financially. My younger sister didn’t make it as she was rush to the clinic around midnight. I was talking to boyfriend then when I received a message from her letting us know that she can’t make it as she is going to deliver her baby earlier than expected. I and the boyfriend were worried because my sister is living in a place where she needs to travel almost an hour before she reach the hospital. Since it's almost midnight transportation is also a problem. I know that I am lucky to have my boyfriend but it was this time when I found out how lucky I am really. He was too worried of my sister and the baby's welfare to the point that he even told my sister not to worry about money for he is willing to help her if she needs financial assistance.

My boyfriend ask me to keep him posted what is happening to my younger sister before we stop talking. I know he is really worry especially that my brother in law was not with my sister.

After three hours of waiting for my sister’s message I decided to call and there she was lying in bed and beside her is a healthy baby boy. Thanks goodness my sister and the baby are safe. In deed our family is growing.

And yes, the electricity back while typing this blog post.

Friday, August 10, 2012


So wonder what keep me busy for the past couple of days? I cannot deny the fact that I am slacking again. After finishing my link assignment from my all-time favorite paying site haven’t posted an update in any of my blog. Laziness strikes me again, big time, that all I want to are FB-ing and playing online. I do have task for this blog that is due today. If not with the e-mail I constantly received for two days I would not remember about it and surely sure lost the offer in my dashboard.

Hay, with so many plans ahead that involve money I shall take and finish any offer available. I do hope I can change this bad attitude called procrastinating.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Obsessed In Online Shopping

Lately I have been obsessed in online shopping. In fact I have few items reserved that are in transit as of this typing. Hopefully I will have them before the end of this month of early next month. Truly, the advancement of technology made shopping quick and enjoyable.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Amazing Talent

Gracious!!! This boy is simply amazing. I cried when I watched the video for the first time and cried again when I watch it again. When I watched his finale song I cried again. There is just something in this boy that he can melt my heart as soon as I heard him singing. I just feel bad that he didn’t won but I believe he will go far in the music industry in due time.

Watch the video yourself and judge the boy. Video credit: Youtube

Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday season is indeed fast approaching. I am come from a country where holiday season starts on the first day of September. I know it’s too early but you can hear Christmas songs played on the radio and in the mall as early as September.

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So, celebrate the coming holiday with a blast and style.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Happen To Blogitive

I am glad that I manage to finish my tasks that are due tomorrow despite of my bad mood. I am getting sleepy here but since I still have another batch of tasks to work on from my all-time favorite paying site I feel like blogging.

On the other hand, the site I used to get some tasks is down. I have been trying to access my account for few days now but to no avail. The site in unavailable, I don’t know if it’s for good or they are just having major maintenance since site have been experiencing some glitch lately. I still have almost a hundred pending payment in my account. I am praying and wishing that I will have the payment any time soon. But if not, I shall accept the fact that I will not get my payment and that I just charge it to experience.

I have been working with blogitive for sometimes now and so far I get paid. It was just lately that they are having problem. Despite this problem I still decided to grab some tasks. At least for few years the site made my paypal account smile from ear to ear.

On High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

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We Missed It

A week ago, my younger brother planed on going to the town plaza on the 1st of August to witness the opening of the nightly cultural activities in honor of the patron saint Our Lady of Assumption. The thought of witnessing the firework display made me say yes immediately. And, so, off we go. We had our sumptuous dinner in one of food stall that makes great barbeque.

The little one and his cousins enjoyed running around the plaza while waiting for the fireworks to start. We watched the presentation of the teachers and student coming from the only university in our town and from the main campus. We waited for three hours and the kids are getting sleepy but the no fireworks display, yet. We were already at home when the fireworks started, the kids are sound asleep, and it lasted for 15 minutes. Too bad, we missed it.

Well, there is another fireworks display happening before the end of the nightly cultural activities and I promise we won’t miss it this time.

Dream Of Having A Resturant Business

I have always dream of having my own business. With my limited budget I know this dream is somewhat impossible to happen or at least I will not happen in near future. However if money is not a question am considering on having my own restaurant. Putting up a restaurant is not easy, aside from searching where to find wholesale restaurant equipment to save some bucks, looking for a perfect place is also very important. Oh well, as long as you have the money. With the help of internet technology, looking for place and equipment comes in handy these days.