Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Happen To Blogitive

I am glad that I manage to finish my tasks that are due tomorrow despite of my bad mood. I am getting sleepy here but since I still have another batch of tasks to work on from my all-time favorite paying site I feel like blogging.

On the other hand, the site I used to get some tasks is down. I have been trying to access my account for few days now but to no avail. The site in unavailable, I don’t know if it’s for good or they are just having major maintenance since site have been experiencing some glitch lately. I still have almost a hundred pending payment in my account. I am praying and wishing that I will have the payment any time soon. But if not, I shall accept the fact that I will not get my payment and that I just charge it to experience.

I have been working with blogitive for sometimes now and so far I get paid. It was just lately that they are having problem. Despite this problem I still decided to grab some tasks. At least for few years the site made my paypal account smile from ear to ear.

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