Monday, September 24, 2012

Considering Of Getting Another Blog

When I started blogging I never thought that I can actually earn from it. This is my first blog. The reason why I put up my own site is to have a site I can call my own. Earning from it was not in the picture but when I found out how I can earn through my blog I didn’t hesitate to try it although there is a doubt on it. When I got my first earning after a month I decided to make another blog. As of now I am maintaining six active blogs. My latest blog was accepted by my all-time favorite site. Now, that I reach my goal for my newest blog I am considering of making another blog, perhaps a travel blog. I am not sure yet what blog niche I will choice.

Making a niche site is not easy especially if you want to publish your own article as you need to experience it firsthand. Of course there are lots of online resources wherein you can get your ideas but I don’t want copied article in my site although I can do it by just giving credit to the source.

Anyway, I still have ample of time to decided whether to have a travel niche site or food niche site. I still need to save from the domain and hosting. For now, I shall out some time in building a good traffic for my latest site.

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