Monday, September 24, 2012

Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treament

Just recently I happened to read an article online about the latest illegal drug. Two teens died 24 hours after taking the said drug. Isn’t alarming?

Teenagers in today’s generation are more curious compared to my generation. Oh well, as a teenager I am also curious to a lot things to the point that I want to try what other teenagers in my time tried but I am not brave enough to try it. However I don’t regret that I not experience taking any drugs in fact I am grateful, should I try it, who knows I get hook into it and I have problem getting rid of it like other teenagers do.

Being a mother, I could not help but worry sometimes of my son’s future. I know I could not be with him 24 hours. I shall accept the fact that time will come he will ask me to stop following him or go with him in his school activities. I could only pray he will be away from people who are into drugs and other bad habit such as alcoholism.

Talking about bad habit, I happen to came across Morningside Recovery facility. If you have loved ones and friends that are into drug and alcohol addiction and seeking for professional help I urge you to look for a place who offer dual-diagnosis treatment program. Why I say so? Dual diagnosis treatment is not just treating the addiction but it also aim to treat attitude that the addiction brought to the patient. As we all know mental illness is one cause of drug and alcohol addiction. For a patient to be well treated they must be treated physically, mentally and emotional. Morningside Recovery has a unique approach to address each patients needs.

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