Saturday, September 1, 2012

Random Blah

I’d like to finish my pending tasks in my all-time favorite website but I am not feeling well. I feel like having an asthma attack again. I do hope my medicine will do the wonder again and that I will feel better later.

Apart from not feeling well I am also sleepy. No wonder, as I sleep late last night. If I am right I fall asleep around two in the morning and wake up early as the little one need to attend to be in school before eight in the morning for his make up class. But because of what happened last night the make up classes didn’t materialize today.

On the other hand, I may not talk about my boyfriend in any of my blog regularly he knows that he is love and important to me. He proves to me that he is worth loving and worth waiting. Last night, when a disturbing earthquake hit my place he immediately calls up after receiving my message. It was too late when I realize that he will worry of our safety but then, I know he will get mad if he found out about it and will get mad to me. He even asks the little one to kiss me from him.

He regrets not being in our side in times like this. I feel wonderful when he told me he is more worried than me when he receives my message. To my love, thanks for everything you do, for me, to the king and to my family. To Almighty God, a big thanks for protecting us and keeping us safe.

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