Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Holiday Tips


The holidays are just around the corner and before you know it, well be in the heart of winter wondering where the time went. Holidays can be a time for celebration and a time of reflection. However people celebrate the holidays, one thing is for certain, it’s a stressful time of the year. In an effort to keep yourself healthy and happy during the holidays and into the new year, here are some tips to follow this holiday season.

Don’t overindulge
Before it even starts, stop worrying so much about all of the temptations you’re going to be facing come holiday season. Unless you eat like a hog every single day, you’re not going to gain 10 pounds just because of a few days of pie and fattening foods. On average, a person only gains about one pound during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. That’s right, just one pound. With that being said, this is not an excuse to eat whatever you want. Follow a plan of healthy eating, but don’t be afraid to indulge every once in a while.

Another tip when it comes to the food of the holidays is to not eat out of guilt. If your family has members from all over bring their famous dish, don’t feel obligated to eat it. When you force yourself to eat something you don’t want to, it does nothing for you at all. Be strong and know what you want and don’t want, and stick to it.

Drink responsibly

Know your limits and don’t exceed them. The holidays are not only about food, these months are also the season for drinking. Between spiked eggnog and multiple bottles of wine, alcohol is consumed more during the holidays than any other time of the year. For those who aren’t exactly heavy drinkers throughout the rest of the year, if they drink heavily during the holidays, they’re at risk of erratic heartbeats. Alcohol has been linked to toxicity to cardiac cells that can disrupt the coordination required to maintain a normal heart rate. If you feel your heart beating erratically after a night of drinking, this could be why.

Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is a serious thing and you can certainly feel the consequences of not getting enough sleep throughout your body. Not only can sleep deprivation lead to weight gain but it also effects your overall body functioning. In order to stay healthy, getting adequate sleep is key.

Beat the blues

Don’t let the holidays get you down. Many people see the winter as a romantic season, which makes a lot of people feel depressed as the nights get colder. Rather than throwing a pity party for yourself, be social and go out with friends and family. Being social helps to enhance happiness, which is why for many, the holidays are such a happy time of the year.

A great way to beat the blues during the holidays is to make plans and goals for the new year. Generally when someone has a goal to work towards or a fun vacation planned to look forward to, it helps pull them out of negative thinking and keeps their attitudes positive.

The holidays can be the most exciting and lively time of the year, but a lot of people need to look to the positives rather than the negatives. Although it’s a time known for loneliness and weight gain, it doesn’t have to be. By following the tips above and sticking to the lifestyle you’ve been living all year, you should be able to enjoy the holidays just like everyone else.

Janet Fredrickson is a freelance writer and health professional. Staying healthy during the holiday months can be difficult, but she hopes her knowledge can help guide people looking to live healthy lives. She also researches mph degree online programs to be knowledgeable about the field.

Busy Day

It’s going to be a busy day for me today. Aside doing my thing online I will be running few offline errands such paying bill. I will surely be in a long queue. I hope I can leave my bill and the money to someone I know and just pick it up sometimes tomorrow. I am not complaining though, blessing is very much welcome especially that I am saving for the coming holiday. I thought I can rest from blogging today but I was wrong as I have new tasks from two paying sites. I’ll be working on it soon.

Truly, there are lots of other important things to work on and lots of reason to celebrate every single day.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's The Time Of The Year

For a tropical country like I have, fireplaces are not a common accessory in the house. Honestly I only saw a real fireplace once when I had a chance a visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines some years ago. But for some countries that have four seasons, fireplace is a common accessory in each home.

Like the modern technology, fireplace also evolves. You can find wide selection of built-in electric fireplaces at If you’re in a tight budget then fret no more as link I have mentioned previously is offering free shipping and quality brands fireplaces.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Where Was You?

…when the DILG officer and a Philhealth employee settled the issue. Of course the other honorable will not stop talking about although it has been resolve. Unpaid? I have receipts to prove. The last time I check I don’t have any liability in the barangay. Cleaning my name, I don’t need to put an effort into it for there are people who won’t stop ruining my name. And I am afraid; I don’t have any one to back me up and I don’t even know if my poor boyfriend will be at my side.

Anyway, I should not have ranting all this stupid things in any of my blog. But sometimes you have to do stupid things especially if are people are pushing you to do stupid things. For a long time I keep mum for what this lady is doing to me I guess I am just her favorite subject that when I pass by she starting shouting and laughing.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick Payment

The boyfriend would send my allowance twice a month through wire transfer. I know he is charge quite a big amount every time wired the money.

Talking about money transfer, few years ago he usually sends the money online but for some reason the company is not accepting transaction from my boyfriend’s country. It was easy and convenient. No need to endure the long queue, just a few clicks away and the money is on my account instantly.

Modern technology really makes our daily works and errands quickly and easier. For those who own a business and would like to their customers to have an easy access paying their bills then I urge you to check out ach green book. it will surely help you achieve what you wish for.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Gone Is The Headache

Finally after sleeping almost all day yesterday headache is gone when I wake up this morning.

As soon as I get up I started doing my thing online. Thus, starting the tasks I have in my all-time favorite paying site that has been idle in the dashboard since last week. I also have other things to do offline like looking for the formal clothes that the little one need to wear coming Wednesday. His black slacks is too small for him and I think it’s not practical buying another one since he doesn’t use it always. I can count on my fingers how many time he get a chance to wear the black slacks I bought few years ago.

Well, I can’t find any I don’t have any choice but to buy again. Haist… extra expenses is stoppable these days.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On Playing Saxophone

I have been talking about music lately and today I will be talking about it again. Oh well, it’s a good chance to have a chance to talk about music, at least I can talk about it freely. I could not sing, so I could not share any singing experience or tips on how to sing perfectly.

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone in my friends knows how to play Saxophone. Well, I know a few who plays guitar and drums. I just know that playing this kind of instrument is not easy; it’s not just blowing as it needs proper blowing. I know saxophone player will agree with me. Another important thing to have if you want to be a good Saxophone player is first-class reeds. Reed is important accessory in a Saxophone so be sure your instrument have it or else you can’t use your Saxophone.

Wednesday Blah!

Yay, the week is halfway finish. Truly, time goes by so fast. Holiday season is fast approaching. I could only wish that blessing continue to pour so I can buy something for myself and for my family from my own earning. It’s been a while that I bought something for my Mom as I have been spending for her medications in the last few months. And I am thankful that she is better now although I have to remind and avoid her for doing house chores.

On the other note, today is the birthday of my cousin. He is currently working in a salon away from our place. I greeted him early this morning and he said he is in Baguio, the country’s summer capital. I hope he is having a blast.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Go For Quality & Comfort

There is no doubt shopping is fun, whether you are buying for yourself, for someone, for your bedroom, kitchen or for your house in general. As for me, when shopping for something I always go for quality and comfort. My reason, why buy something that won’t stay long and you’re not comfortable with. Just like when I bought our mattress few years ago. The mattress cost me a lot but after few years of using it, it’s still good as new. So I don’t actually regret that I go for the quality and I choice the foam pads for comfort.

Having a good mattress to sleep on is must especially if you’ve problem getting to sleep.

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Thank The Blessings That Comes My Way

I will forever be grateful of all the blessings that almighty God bestowed on me. Truly blessings come in a less expected time. Just like this morning, I was checking my all time favorite paying site dashboard. I smiled from ear to ear after seeing some tasks assigned to me. The good thing of the paying site I am talking about it that you don’t need to grab the task for it is assigned to all the bloggers in their system. You also have ample of time to finish the tasks.

Anyway, I will be taking a few hours break. I am going out with my friend. I need to refresh my mind as I need to make some fillers in between paid post.

On Buying Properties, What To Expect

I have noticed, most home owners nowadays are more vigilance and careful in terms of buying properties. Sometimes, they have set an expectation to the place wherein they want to settle for good. Having to stay in a place where in one can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities on weekend is surely a dream come true. Having to enjoy the beauty of nature every single day can ease the stress and make them happy.

So folks, if you’re considering of getting a property in the near future then perhaps consider getting a place at Oak Island real estate. The place is perfect if you want to enjoy life after retirement. It’s the right place to head on whether you are thinking of getting a vacation home, permanent residence or you want to invest in real state.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Waiting For The Call

I actually don’t know what I am going to write in here but since I am waiting for the little one’s call I decided to make it productive. I am done with my online work and I don’t have nothing much to do online so I am facebooking most of the time today.

Oh well, I have talked the boyfriend who is currently in the US. And, because, I am not really happy with his recent trip I am not in my best mood when talking to him online and most of the time we end of arguing and would choose to end our chat right away. I know, I can be bitchy at times and often times I am not in the right position to be bitchy. But then, I have been though a lot lately and I don’t have all the patience in this world. I know the boyfriend understand what I feel right now and he knows how to make me feel better. I am wishing that all things will be in the right place before the end of this month, the way we planned it.