Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gift Ideas For Men

Have I mentioned that we have stormy weather on Christmas day?

Anyway, as of this typing I still have few gifts under our Christmas tree for my godchildren. It’s because the weather is bad my godchildren didn’t come to pick up their gift. If my gift is waiting to be pickup there are some individuals who are still hunting for the perfect gift to their love ones.

So, just in case you are one of them you can check out my recent male gift it’s geo f trumper brand. You can click the link to browse the site.

Monday, December 17, 2012


I was talking to the boyfriend when I suddenly lost him on cam. After few minutes of waiting I got a call from him to let me know that he cannot sign in back but he promise to try signing in for another 20 minutes if he cannot come back then I will just see him again later tonight.

Anyway, I shall make my waiting productive thus commenting the participants for last week CE. I only have few hours left to finish all the visit or else my other blog cannot join the CE for this week. So I shall visit all the remaining blogs that I haven’t visited yet.

Spinal Colon Care

I am not into watching basketball games on television but sometimes I watch it with my younger brother just like last week. I am planning to watch my favorite show but because he would not allow me to change the channel as the game is almost over I give in to his request and watch the game with him. After a minutes of watching the game I witness one player who had an accident. I thought it was just a simple fall but after hearing him scream when one of his team mate tried to help him get up it was then I realized that he is not in a good condition. He is really in so much pain. I wonder what the doctor did to ease the pain that the basketball player is enduring after the bad fall. I hope there is no damage to the player’s spinal colon just like what happened to a player few years ago. The player is still recovering from the operation and I could not play again.

Anyway, have you heard about Stockton chiropractor? I happen to came across the site that offers spinal care. I mean they have specialist that will help you recover from any spinal problem such as spinal arthritis, disc displacement, disc herniation, slipped disc, arthorosis, spondylosis,disc degeneration, arthritis, facet hypertrophy, etc. it has been said that the number one cause of disability in the US is due to musculoskeletal conditions with back pain being at the top. With this I suggest you to see a specialist if you are dealing of backache.

So should you want to know more about the site, you can visit them now!

It's Gonna Be A Busy Monday

So Christmas is really fast approaching, in one week we will be celebrating the joyous and wonderful time of the year.

Are you ready for the big day? Are you done wrapping your gift? As for me, I am almost done wrapping the gifts for my godchildren. I also bought the gift for the little one’s exchange in school though I haven’t wrapped it. It will do it later today as I also need to wrap the gifts he is going to give on their gift giving coming Thursday. So far all is ready for the little one’s Christmas Party. I am going to school later today to bring his gifts for their gift giving.

Truly, I have so many things to do today. Apart from being busy as a mommy I also need to clean our room. There are a lot of clutters anywhere. Haist, how I wish there is someone who can do all this stuff for me so I will have a lot of time blogging as I still have few undone tasks.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

On Starting A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living is very important for everyone but most of the times we tend to neglect our health because of our life style. One of the illnesses that one can have because of unhealthy life style is hypertension. Hypertension runs in the family, in fact my mother has been taking maintenance for this illness for few years now. I am glad that the she maintains her blood pressure for the past couple of months. I know that hypertension can attack can be fatal or it may cause once death.

Blood pressure monitors really plays a big rule for those who have hypertension. I remember my Aunt brought one in one of her vacation to the country after my granny had a mild stroke. I find it really useful as we can monitor the blood pressure of my granny anytime. The blood pressure monitor that my Aunt bought is easy to use that anyone can use it.

Anyway, if you’re searching on where to find wide selection of BP monitors and if you are planning to start healthy living you can head on to Heart Rate Monitors. You can find wide range of heart rate monitors, pedometers or anything you need to start a healthier lifestyle. They are currently offering free shipping on all your orders.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not Feeling Well

I am currently dealing with allergy and asthma as soon as I woke up this morning. Having my asthma medicine always really help me a lot of avoid having a serious attack just like what happened few months ago when I was brought to the ER almost a year ago. I was having hard time breathing and I feel uncomfortable.

I do have some offer for this site but because I am not really feeling well I might just do it later today. For now, I want to take a break and take a nap hoping that the allergy is gone when I wake up.

Although I am not feeling well I still have reason to celebrate as blessing keep coming for this site. I need to save for my domain and hosting renewal next month. 

Now I Know What Tnut Is

As a woman I admit my knowledge about tools, hardware or just anything that concern man’s work. It may sound odd but it’s true.

Just like when I was listening to my Uncle who asked my brother to buy him a t nut, I immediately ask my Uncle where he will use it and how it looks like for I honestly don’t have any idea how this look.

And since I can’t understand what my Uncle is talking about I decided to check online. Now I know what a T nut is.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Homemade Wine

Each one of us has its own reason why we surf the net. For those who love to shop their reason for surfing the net is finding good deals of the things they want to have. For some they are surfing the net to find answer to their question about business and others stuff.

But for wine lover who wants to make their own homemade wine or considering of having their own wine business they may find the world wide web as their means on finding wine making equipment.
At home Brewit you can find everything you need in making homemade wine and beer. So check them out now and start making our own wine.

Not Standing Straight

Few days ago I noticed that our Christmas tree is not standing straight anymore. Earlier today I started taking off the decoration so I can check what seems to be wrong. Out three is five years old so no wonder it is not as perfect as it is when I bought is five years ago and the leaves is not that attractive as well. With this I have decided to buy few decorations and it happened more than a week ago when I happened to passed by in one of the department store in the downtown area.

I haven’t posted our tree yet so I might as well share few photos of our tree this year after I am done redecorating our Christmas tree later today.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Music Related Gift

It is has been said that music help us to relax. Will you agree? I do agree with the statement as I listen to music when I am stress or when I cannot sleep.

Christmas fast approaching and before we know it we will be receiving gifts from our loved ones. It is this time of the year where gift giving is one of highlight to celebrate the occasions. For music lover, nothing beats the excitement and happiness than receiving a gift that is related to music. Getting a good boss rc 300 as a gift is really great.

So if you know someone who is into music then why not consider giving her/him something that is worthy.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crawling Internet Connection

I was doing my online thing yesterday when I suddenly lost my connection and could not connect it back. Since I have been online for few hours and my eyes are getting tired I decided to take a nap and continue my undone tasks when I wake up. After taking a nap I still could not connect to the internet. I am having the same error. After trying for countless of time I opt to call the customer service only to found out that or phone has no dial tone. I immediately thought it was the culprit why I couldn’t connect to the internet.

Since I have undone task that is due today I decided to visit the internet cafĂ© in town and again they don’t have internet connection too. So I give up as I know something wrong with our internet and phone provider and wait until its back. I am glad when I manage to connect to the internet this morning but it is crawling like a turtle. It’s annoying but better than nothing.

Anyway, I still have reason to smile from ear to ear in spite of the slow internet connection as I have few tasks to work on. LL has been so good to me as they assigned few tasks to work on in my other blog and one tasks for this blog. I could only wish I’ll get some payment for my pending balance from the old system in the next Friday.