Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seriously Cleaning My Blog Links

My attempt of cleaning my blog roll last year really sucked. I know updating and cleaning blog links is not an easy task. It needs time and patience. Since I decided to go back to blogging seriously (fight the laziness) I plan to rebuild my blog links, this time I’ll make sure I will finish it in a day or two. So wish me luck guys.

After I am done re-building my blog links I will start dropping entre card. Yay, who says blogging and earning online easy?

On the other note, I still have few offline errands to do that I must finish before the end of this day. Playing a role of being a mother is surely a non-ending task. Agree, mommies?


I am way finish updating my blog lists, as you will noticed I have put the Update Links at the right sidebar of the blog. I will continue the cleaning later today as I need to do something offline..