Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Thoughts In A Gloomy Morning

Duh! It’s another gloomy day here in my other part of the world. I guess the sun won’t show up again, today. I also feel gloomy and odd. Oh well, I haven’t been in my perfect mood for the past couple of weeks and nephew is making it worst. He is simply trying my patient. He is really getting into my nerve. Amyway, my younger sister (his mother) is coming today. I already ask her to check his son how he is doing in school. If ever he is not doing good in school because he is in a bad set of friends he will go with his Mama.

On the lighter note, I got a message from a direct advertiser I do hope she will reply my message soon. Online earning is kinda slow these past couple of months but I am still thankful that I still get some online opportunity from different pay to blog website although it is not like before. Who knows, in the next few months Mr Google will return back the PR he took away in my blogs. If that happen earning online will surely bloom again.