Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Had A Long Nap

After being busy with my new addiction I decided to take a nap. Been sleeping late at night lately so no wonder I had a long nap today. When I wake up, I hurriedly go online thinking that the boyfriend is already waiting to me but I was wrong because after few minutes of buzzing him I remember it’s Wednesday and we don’t usually talk during Wednesdays. Oh well, I will surely see in few hours.

My plan of improving the blog traffic of this blog sucks. I haven’t joining weekly meme’s recently, at least for this blog. Hopefully I can join this week. I shall start taking photos soon.

On the other hand, I my friends are planning to watch a movie next week. I am looking forward to it for I know we will have fun roaming around after the movie date. I still need to confirm the exact day when we will go. I got a message a while ago from another friend asking when we will watch the movie.