Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Have experience going to a place where in you are not familiar with? I do, I was with my friend then when my friends asked me to go with her. I didn’t know that she was not familiar with the place and worst she don’t actually know the exact place of the relative we were supposed to visit. To make the story short, we decided to go home for the heat of the sun is scorching high that time that we could not take it anymore.

Now you have greater chances of finding the place you are looking for with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System). If you are traveling with a motorcycle then you can use the best motorcycle gps available at The Source. In fact you find different types of GPS, whether it is for your car or handheld GPS you can surely find it this online store.

Signing Off In Blogging Temporarily

Okay, I shall take a break now. I’ve been blogging for few hours now and I am kinda tired, already. I will continue blogging later today. I shall enjoy the cold weather cuddling with my pillow and blanket in a while.

I blogged about being lazy today because of the cold weather but I am glad that it turned productive. I do have few tasks left in my dashboard but I no reason to fret yet as I still have ample of time to finish all the remaining tasks. Thank you Lord for all the blessings I continue to receive although I am not a perfect servant. Happy blogging guys! Together let’s make this day a productive day.

On Sexy Lingerie

If there is one thing that my boyfriend would love me to have when we are finally together is sexy lingerie. I do have few types of lingerie but unfortunately it is not sexy enough for him. And, well, since I am alone in my room I could not wear revealing lingerie anyway, so why would I buy something that I couldn’t wear.

If in case I need to buy revealing and sexy lingerie I can buy it at It’s the leading provider of various type of lingerie and has been in the business for sometimes now. With this, I know they offer good quality type of lingerie.

On Modern Way Of Communicating

As you all know I am in a long distance relationship for more than five years now. You may wonder how we survive this long without meeting personally. Oh well, our only secret is video and audio conferencing. I don’t know if we can survive this long if we will only be communicating thru phone calls and text messages.

Of course, I know for a fact that this medium of communication is not just use by lovers who are far away from each other for it is also use by many companies. With the recent financial meltdown there are lots of companies who choice to update the business condition thru video conferencing than traveling from one place to another which is not a good option since many financial institution choices to have a huge cost cutting in business travels.

Great Time With My Man

I had a great time talking to my boyfriend a while ago. We may have some differences but I am glad that we always manage to surpass whatever problem that comes our way. There are times that we are at the edge of ending our relationship and surrender our battle in making our dreams into reality but at the end of the day we always choice to stay together and continue fighting.

Truly building a long distance relationship and an interracial relationship on top of it is not easy. Apart from trust, patience also plays a big rule to a have a successful long distance and interracial relationship. I maybe have lost my patience at times but gladly my boyfriend will always reach out. And, well, a good reason to celebrate for having such a wonderful boyfriend, right? He maybe not a perfect boyfriend to anyone but sure he is for me.